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Boris' own ban appeal

Guest Boris' own ban appeal

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Guest Boris' own ban appeal


If I reference any players on the server it is due to me using them as an example to fight my case. I am not accusing anyone of anything, other than Tazoo’s bias

There are previously leaked staff skype chat logs in this thread, these skype chats could be for the admin’s eyes only, however they provide strong evidence in my favour.


At first I didn’t want to write a further appeal, because I know either two things would happen: I’d be unbanned and then I’d do something minor for my permaban to be reinstated for the fourth time. Or that I’d spend time writing this only for it not to actually be taken seriously but I guess I have played and worked with the server for so long now it’s a shame not to at least get try to get unbanned. Now the main point I’d like to address is the reasoning I did not want Tazoo to be moderating S-GRU reports due to strong bias towards S-GRU and strong ties with RF/BB, who we have a strong disdain towards. I will demonstrate how Tazoo has failed to show proper judgement towards S-GRU members; followed by me asking Tazoo numerous times not to handle reports in a civil manner, how the GM agreement process would be fatally flawed if one party is in bias and my behaviour on the server.

Bias towards S-GRU

Tazoo has shown bias towards S-GRU in numerous situations, and has actually sought out to ban S-GRU members consistently since BB disbanding. I believe this might be due to the fact that he holds S-GRU somewhat responsible for BB disbanding due to the whole NEAF KoS incident which resulted in BB “Disbanding” and reforming, in which members such as Anando, Tymo and Brizz amongst others were kicked out of the clan and kick started the major decline of the BB presence on the server; ultimately ending in BB disbanding and RF forming out of the former members, it may also be noted that these members became officers in RF.

Members of BB and RF:







If you could also note, that Anando was the offending party in this situation. However we forgave him and took him into the clan after he was removed from BB. Tazoo has shown bias in one of his first reports which dealt with an S-GRU member, however the punishment was completely revoked and reversed.


At the time the report was made, it was claimed by ex-BB members that Mrbling was friends with Tazoo at the time. Mrbling later proceeded to join RF and incorrectly solved the following report:


With which I created a separate report to demonstrate that this was subject of a biased verdict and a punishment was issued:


Tazoo; during BB’s decline decided to play along with us for a brief duration of time. He waited for us to initiate a robbery whilst he was taking part then shot our Ural with an M203 and scattered. This demonstrates that he had interest in damaging our clan’s opinion on him for his personal enjoyment. Unfortunately there is no video evidence for the above event. However it is referenced a few times on the forums. This was the point at which we understood that Tazoo must have a problem with S-GRU.

These are among a few reports which Tazoo has dealt with biasedly, however it is difficult to say whether some of our other reports are legitimate or not due to the decisions being made

Situations where Tazoo has sought to ban S-GRU for reasons which can be viewed as unjust:

“[2012-12-05 22:20:01] Filip [ Tazoo ]: How do we punish trolling in TP?

[2012-12-05 22:20:30] Dr.Jim: There is no rule agaisnt it, just ask them to stop

[2012-12-05 22:25:27] Filip [ Tazoo ]: This video was sent to me

[2012-12-05 22:25:43] Filip [ Tazoo ]: Guys on the ground is RF

[2012-12-05 22:25:49] Filip [ Tazoo ]: Guys in the heli is S-GRU

[2012-12-05 22:26:56] Filip [ Tazoo ]: Watch the video and tell me what you think

[2012-12-05 22:30:13] Roland: What am I watching?

[2012-12-05 22:30:29] Filip [ Tazoo ]: Trolling in TP I think

[2012-12-05 22:34:25] Filip [ Tazoo ]: Apperently S-GRU trolled RF in the TP, RF is unsure if it will count as a false report since no rules were violated therefore they sent us a PM about it. In my opinion it looks as S-GRU were trying to start a firefight by shooting at their iwn helicopter. And then the doorgunner of the helo shoots at the ground right next to the RF vehicles, altought they did apology for the door gunner shooting... I know we've banned people for trolling in the TP earlier. What's your opinions?

[2012-12-05 22:35:35] Filip [ Tazoo ]: ^Great grammar

[2012-12-05 22:36:08] Roland: Will remove their chopper on next restart, if they still have it

[2012-12-05 22:36:49] Filip [ Tazoo ]: Ok

[2012-12-05 22:37:14] Filip [ Tazoo ]: Want me to inform the "reporters" about the punishment?

[2012-12-05 22:37:20] Roland: No

[2012-12-05 23:59:06] Chris [ Luna ]: ok server shutdown

[2012-12-06 00:00:40] Roland: You can inform S-GRU that their chopper has been reposessed by government authorities

[2012-12-06 00:00:49] Filip [ Tazoo ]: Haha

This shows that Tazoo was a strong front for RF to consult with the admin team to press issues which are against S-GRU. It is undoubted that Tazoo used his strong ties with RF and S-GRU to his advantage to press punishment on S-GRU.

[2012-12-06 20:50:56] Filip [ Tazoo ]: 20:50 - Boris Grigorev: Capitalist american pigs...

[2012-12-06 20:52:51] Filip [ Tazoo ]: That is from the shoutbox

[2012-12-06 20:53:46] Liva Simone: it's just their usual bad RP on the forum

[2012-12-06 20:53:56] Filip [ Tazoo ]: I am swinging my hammer at him for 1 days forum”

This further shows that Tazoo is “out to get S-GRU” as I was banned for a minor offence which most would consider RP (who would have guessed that Americans and Soviets hated each other given their history?) I know numerous americans who do not take offense to this at all, infact they find it quite funny.

[2012-12-06 21:24:36] Filip [ Tazoo ]: I permed the ones from the wedding, but forum only

[2012-12-06 21:24:42] Filip [ Tazoo ]: + Boris

When I was actually at a Christmas dinner when the above incident occurred. I can go as far to provide evidence of this. This shows that he seems to have a personal vendetta against me as there was no need to perma ban me, however I cannot any idea as to what the reasoning behind this was.

I have heard from numerous members of staff that can confirm that Tazoo slandered us in the staff skype chat saying we used RP2 to build a network where people could change server to move quicker and efficiently to return to firefights. This is entirely false. We would not do that in any way, shape or form. And if you could check the logs on server log ins/log outs and admin map evidence you can see that this is a complete lie. This is a further piece of evidence that Tazoo is actually “out to get S-GRU” and wants to try and see us off the server.

In fact Tazoo took the entire situation as to why I was banned out of proportion, as most people would not take offense to minor things such as that. It can be seen as a further excuse to see me or S-GRU banned and words such as “It was a shame to see him go” will not cover his resolve. He clearly wanted to see me banned as my warning level before the ban was at 33% due to some expired warnings, he added points to me to see me permabanned, however if I do receive a strike for it then so be it by that system then I should be banned.

Tensions between RF and S-GRU

The relationship between RF and S-GRU started as a friendly rivalry between the two clans. With clans bouncing firefights off each other for a while we eventually got tired of dayzrp and decided to take a few days break from dayz after suffering a minor defeat in a firefight. At this moment in time we had a few players, such as Anando and MrRaiz0r playing with RF when S-GRU were not online. We decided to come back as a force after a few days to show SDS and RF who S-GRU really were and beat them in a firefight, in which the following report arises after the firefight:


Which results in Freeman getting banned from the server, which spoils the relations. Then came the event which resulted in the relationship going from improvable to terrible and the opinion on the server decreased ; the ambush by who we believed hackers at a roadblock in which members of RF and SDS were a part of (I will not name names). But however Borg told us that the recording he had of the admin map did not match the story that the offending party’s story. We confronted Rolle about it and he said it was not solid evidence. Due to the believed offences by the parties the S-GRU members who played with RF stopped participating in RF events due to the level of disgust of the S-GRU members and henceforth my name was brought to the light for being angry and openly accusing people of hacking who I suspected. This resulted in a few of the suspects being banned from the server. Since then everything between the two clans has typically boiled to report wars and arguments, typically between myself and Freeman. As I tried to shame RF, the friends of Tazoo I cannot help but feel that he must have held a grudge against me for shaming RF in the shoutbox. Which you could say started a true witchhunt of hackers on the server. Before this the only offenses I had ever committed on the server were the following situations:

http://www.dayzrp.com/t-offensive-name-calling-in-shoutbox (Heavily drunk at the time, was during the BB conflicts)

http://www.dayzrp.com/t-kos-cherno-outpost (Grey area of the rules, I guess I can see the logic).

However my behaviour on the forums before the hacker situation was fairly good in my opinion. So it would be wrong to say that I have had consistently bad behaviour.

The numerous amounts of times where I have asked Tazoo civily to stop handling our reports


Most of these have been settled in PMs, which I have no access to due to being forum banned, therefore the only resources I have

Since the tensions I have asked Tazoo and sometimes, Logics not to handle S-GRU threads (there was less emphasis on reports dealt by Logics because he actually did a fair good job at handling reports regardless of affiliations. BB had a similar output with Zoarial, which resulted in this thread being made:


I was hoping that our relationship could have been solved the same way. However it was not. And he continued to solve our reports.

Reading the skype logs and previous experiences with him and also dealing with and solving reports unsatisfactorily have resulted me asking frequently in a polite manner not to handle S-GRU reports such as:


Where I believed that Tazoo had not shown good judgement it resulted in Angoloz’s ban being revoked and a smaller warning being instated.


Where he solves Mrbling’s report as legit where with no punishment, even though he is a repeat offender of false KoS reports. He bans Angoloz in the above report for a false report, this demonstrates favouritism of members in my opinion.

The original thread where Tazoo Pm’d me afterwards to ask my opinion on why I think he is biased


In this report he was an RF affiliate dealing with with an RF thread including an S-GRU member. I was not happy about him deciding to solve the report because members such as Zoarial faced the slightest bit of grief for solving CB reports, even when it came to banning their own members. With the above evidence of a biased verdict I did not want Tazoo handling any of my reports, let alone one where RF were involved. BB and Tazoo gave Zoarial and captain claw grief for solving that report, when I said in the S-GRU TS that Tazoo is solving my report I get the response “What the fuck, get someone else to solve it”. I did ask politely not to solve my report due to his affiliations, to which I am told no essentially and “I will solve it whether you like it or not”.

I ask him there not to solve the report because he’s an affiliate of RF, to which he responds in the

There are other threads where I have asked him and numerous other PMs which I cannot retrieve.

My behaviour on the server

Times where I have been banned justly:




If you could note that two of those where in greyer areas of the rules and were due to a misunderstanding of the rules on my behalf, not because I wanted to cause some grief on the server. Other than this my warnings have been over me accusing people of hacking situation (of which I’d like to add at least two of the accused were permanently banned), and for posting gifs on the shoutbox.

Since the server amnesty I have not done anything to upset any member of the community (the only negative feedback I received was the Hubert thread but it was to be taken as a joke. There have been no warnings towards me and my behaviour has been good, it can also be fair to say that I was one of the only members of the server amnesty list that actually tried to earn their right to come back on the server by helping with the server development and other work.

A note on the current system used by GMs

As much as you may think that the current system is just it is not, if you require one GM to agree with another for a verdict then the verdict can still be biased. If Tazoo put forward a punishment and someone say, another game master agrees with him after not giving the report a proper review then he has permission to ban punish people in the report in which other gamemasters may agree with. I understood this system was in place, however I did not want Tazoo to handle my report as I felt that it would have been 50% biased due to the evidence above. Therefore to actually make the system used by GMs and the server staff fair I propose two changes:

1. The game master who proposes the ban/punishment must have two other GMs agree with them on the punishment.

2. The people in the report can veto a single GM as to solving a report, as this may prevent biased verdicts being given, they cannot however request a GM to solve the report.

This would reduce the amount of bias on the server as it would be more like a legal system with a Jury. In any given Jury rules are set out to remove all bias from the verdicts what so ever. To the point where people cannot so much as watch TV or read newspapers as it could cause them to gain bias in the situation. This would solve a lot of my say “crying” and other members of the community bitching about who has solved their report.

The offence meant by the PM

The PMs sent to Tazoo were send in angry mood, however I do regret sending the PM however they are an honest opinion as to what I think of Tazoo, saying that he is slimy is an accurate description from my point of view, seeing as he is telling the server staff about us having a “transport network” on RP 2 to get back to firefights and it being a clear lie. In his response to my first ban appeal he states that he is sorry to see me go however in the end he got what he wanted, and could have acted mature in the situation rather than ensuring I’m permabanned: Which was me banned from the server. I do not know a single GM/admin that would actually ban for the offense of telling them to “fuck off” in a private message and Tazoo saying that I replied with strong insults is a clear extrapolation of the truth; as Rel said” So "I will not believe a single word from you" and "[you] lie about us all of the time" are very strong insults?”. Please note that this comment was deleted.

It is quite obvious from this situation and the situations listed above that Tazoo quite obviously wants me banned from the server. I hope you can understand the slight reasoning why I sent that PM, and understand the history and the reasoning behind me seeing Tazoo as biased. These examples span from the entire time since BB’s disbanding, I have given him the benefit of the doubt numerous times and he has disappointed me a few times. The verdicts he has given biased, and he has constantly been pushing for a ban on me, hence I do not want him dealing with my reports and I did not abuse him prior to this.

I did get very upset when I saw him having believing he had the right to give a verdict on an RF/S-GRU report when he clearly has emotions on both sides of the coin, both of which are polar opposites.

I do regret sending the PM, no matter how offensive it may be perceived to the user

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  • Server Manager

That's very nice Investorinski, but if you wanna cause drama with your speculations do it elsewhere. Post deleted.

Reading the appeal.

Ok, so I see 3 problems with this appeal:

1. You called a staff member names, you do not regret it, you did not apologize, you publicly spread rumors about Tazoo being biased based on your personal experiences and without any solid proof what-so-ever (ie. trying to destroy his reputation and good name as a senior GM).

2. You are trying to tell the staff how to do their job. That's my job. You can't and won't be able to choose which staff member handles your reports. You won't be able to veto a decision made by a staff member, you will however be able to create a ban appeal where you can get a 2nd hand opinion.

3. Most of the things you wrote, if not all of them are speculations from you. Reports you linked - that you say have biased rulings - have been approved either by me or other senior members of the staff. There is no room for being biased in reports that are viewable by everyone. It's not like Tazoo or any other staff member is secretly giving you punishments for things you didn't do. Everything staff does is publicly visible, if there were biased rulings I think someone from the staff not related to RF/BB would react, don't you think?

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  • Server Manager

Very well, so he is not able to handle RFs reports, your point?

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Guest Boris' own ban appeal

But, he handles RF reports, and I told him not to handle the report and he said he can handle it if he wants to. that's what annoyed me. he gave zoarial grief about the same thing some time ago...

It isn't solid proof but it's a constant PoV from S-GRU, it's a constant harrasment from Tazoo and it's quite obvious he wants us gone.

He still lied about us to the staff, you forgot about that.

I am not spreading rumours, it's a point of view, he's had this attitude too many times for a "speculation"

I mean let's face it, he's not in RF because he's a GM.

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  • Server Manager

GMs are not allowed to handle reports that involve their clan or friends. If there's been a report like that it must have been a misunderstanding.

I've never heard about any type of harassment from Tazoo towards S-GRU, can you be more specific?

If by "lying to the staff" you mean the suspicion of some strange activity on RP2 no action has ever been taken.

Finally: focus on the issue here. The issue is not Tazoo, it is your warning caused by the PM you sent. That's what you should appeal, this is not a report thread about biased GMs.

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Guest Boris' own ban appeal

GMs are not allowed to handle reports that involve their clan or friends. If there's been a report like that it must have been a misunderstanding.

I've never heard about any type of harassment from Tazoo towards S-GRU, can you be more specific?

If by "lying to the staff" you mean the suspicion of some strange activity on RP2 no action has ever been taken.

Finally: focus on the issue here. The issue is not Tazoo, it is your warning caused by the PM you sent. That's what you should appeal, this is not a report thread about biased GMs.

My main point from the bias perspective is that if this was anyone else then it would have been taken as a pinch of salt. We have a history and it would have been brushed under the carpet as it's criticism. I was trying to explain why I sent the PM and the emotions behind it. I've told him not handle our reports or RF reports numerous times. All of which have been ignored and we've resorted for this, I'm sure in the same situation you would have done the same. He did ask for an opinion on him and I did give him one, which had minor offense, which was then extrapolated.

If by "lying to the staff" you mean the suspicion of some strange activity on RP2 no action has ever been taken.

Still a lie and an accusation with no evidence.

I've never heard about any type of harassment from Tazoo towards S-GRU, can you be more specific?

It's just the way he seems that he's trying to get us banned. I have no problem with Tazoo as a person or Tazoo as server staff but I'd much prefer it if he stayed out of S-GRU matters. As I've stated numerous times, we would all have got along if he didn't get involved with our reports, especially with an RF report where S-GRU are the offending party.

GMs are not allowed to handle reports that involve their clan or friends. If there's been a report like that it must have been a misunderstanding.

Tazoo was handling this thread, and his attitude was that he can handle it whether I want him to or not.

2. You are trying to tell the staff how to do their job. That's my job. You can't and won't be able to choose which staff member handles your reports. You won't be able to veto a decision made by a staff member, you will however be able to create a ban appeal where you can get a 2nd hand opinion.

As for this, it's always good to have some constructive criticism as to how the staff undergo their business. If that's bad then you won't ever improve your methodology. I was trying to provide constructive criticism.

The way I see it a report is like a trial, and everyone has a right to a fair trial. I just thought what I was suggesting was more fair.

I want you to be aware that we ask him not to handle our reports and did not resort to insults until this because of our history with him. If you can't handle friends reports then I see no reason that you can handle an enemy's report. They still risk being emotionally biased.

I was just quite disgusted by the fact that he thought that he could handle a friend and an enemy's report in the same instance. Which runs a high risk of bias, he questioned me not asking to handle the report.

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Guest Boris' own ban appeal

Very well, so he is not able to handle RFs reports, your point?

I apologise so long as this is the case in future he was handling the report in which S-GRU and RF were involved in. I did not mean to cause offense as it was a misunderstanding on Tazoo's and my ownside. However, I would appreciate it if Tazoo could avoid handling our reports, there is bad blood between the two groups and I'd like this to be kept in mind in future.

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Guest Boris' own ban appeal

To be expected if it came from you Tazoo, I stand by that you are slimy. Thanks for the ban, a lot of our guys are leaving anyway due to young server staff and unprofessionalism demonstrated by the server staff.

Thanks for being two faced tazoo, much love.

Also like to add this is the internet. Enjoy letting racists and hackers play on the server

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