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Could use some international help!

Guest Dr. Nick

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Guest Dr. Nick

Hello ladies and gents of chernarus due to the high selection of nations that have citizenry playing dayz i implore you to help! I work for a company that i part own that is having some issues on the contact page everytime someone would contact us via the contact page in India or the Philipines we would not get the email saying they contacted us. If anyone is interested in helping out go to http://inteldevsoftwaresolutions.com/contacts.aspx and fill out the very short contact form and put hello from Dayzrp so i know who it is contacting us if i do not send you a pm on here saying thx plz send your nationality "where your from" on this thread so we can test whether or not certain country's are indeed having problems contacting us thank you for your help in advance

Sincerly: WhiteCrow

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