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Not sure on the BackGround Story is this good enough?? NEED HELP :P

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I am now 25 years old man and have been living in Balota, before this zombie apocalypse I was in the Military as a Solider, I have seen comrades die from zombie attacks but I have managed to survive. My parents were killed by zombies I was too late to save them, but I still carry on in this world trying to survive. I had a happy family life before this zombie apocalypse happen, my family were taken by bandits at our family home while I was gathering supply's for us.

I have now been living in Balota for one year now, I am on my own and have been for as long as I can remember. I have enough food and drink to last me a couple of months before I gather up more or move onto the nearest town.

I have been trying to find my family but I haven't yet had any luck, I have had survivors tell me that the bandits base is North of Balota but I haven't got enough protection to defend myself for that journey yet.

I hope I can be reunited with my family and move away from Balota and find a safe camp or a survivors base to live in until the zombie apocalypse has finished and I can go back to my old life.

I have hopefully made it a bit better, Please give me feedback! :D

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Clean up the grammar a bit, and give some more info on your character, not the world around him.

Wouldn't hurt if you'd tell him what to correct.

What do you I need to correct?? :P

I have just updated it, this may give you more details about my character.

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