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Guest Cadan

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Welcome! Heinz is your go-to man for any of your concerns, he knows everything! He's especially frequent on teamspeak, and his loud and boisterous personality is sure to get the better of you, please visit the helpdesk that I'm sure Heinz constantly checks up on for any of your more intricate concerns! Please enjoy your stay.

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  • Emerald

Thanks Jamie! :D You can also PM anyone else in staff, nevertheless welcome! :)

Or you can PM me!

I'm not in the staff but I'll do my best..

Don't trust the ketchup! :P


Just PM Heinz.

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Hey and welcome to DayZRP! If you need anything feel free to ask or PM me or our great staff. Make sure to read the rules, RP and have fun and your time here will be the best it has ever been! If you are interested in joining a clan PM and I can help you look into CSR. Hope to see you out there!

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