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Guide on launching DayZRP mod using steam

Guest Marcus Williams

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Guest Marcus Williams

This is a guide to help those that want to know how connect to DayZRP through steam:

Step 1: Go into steam

Step 2: Launch ArmA 2: OA

Step 3: At the main menu, you should see a tab called "Expansions" Click on it.

Step 4: Once you've downloaded the DayZRP mod, and have placed it in your OA folder, you should see a item in the Expansions tab named "@DayZRP" Enable it, and it should say that ArmA 2:OA needs to restart in order to enable it. Allow it to restart.

Step 5: Once its restarted, click on Multiplayer at the main menu, and then click on remote. Once there copy and paste the IP-Address of RP 1 or RP 2 into the right tab, then click okay. The server should appear on the list. Click it, enter in the password, and boom. You're in.

Step 6: Have fun!

Step 7: Thank the Dev. team on making a really great mod!

Also, make sure to un-check "@DayZ" when you are in the Expansions list, and only enable "@DayZRP". If you wish to play just a regular DayZ server just disable "@DayZRP" and enable "@DayZ"

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