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Cigarettes, we all need our post-apocalyptic fix

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I think adding cigarettes as a consumable rare loot would give room for a whole lot of exciting roleplaying, I can imagine that over time they would turn into Chernarus unofficial currency (much like in prisons) and people would literally kill to get their fix.

I'm not familiar with modding for Arma2 myself, but if it's possible it would be awesome!:)

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That's funny. I was thinking the same thing today as my character lit up a stale RP cigarette at the trade post today.

It would require a model of a cigarette pack from something. I don't think there is one in arma (but could be wrong?) Or some one with the tools to make it.

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I could not +1 234587068592823480 this enough. Can't count how many times I've run through forests after all those days of traveling ready to slap the shit outta some boar because I am need a cigarette. Will definitely donate if this can be implemented.

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Dunno how it will work in mod, but might be worth trying out.

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  • Emerald

Tortov i am going to chloroform you and push off Pik Kozlova.

Since then I have suffered from extreme anxiety, leaving me more scared of that mountain than any criminal bullet, and any hoard of infected. Don't remind me of that day.

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Hey hey lets not be like that, some people might want blunts aswell.

Or a cigarr and a big machineguns. that works :D

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  • Emerald

What i want in the game is whiskey, cause nothing is as good as whiskey and a cig :D

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