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Boris ban appeal

Guest Investorinski

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Guest Investorinski

I am writing this appeal for Boris.

Why is Boris banned from the forums Tazoo?

Reason: "disrespecting staff"

Tazoo joined our TS and we do not want him in there due to obvious reasons in game and outside of the game. We do not like him and we made it clear why in the ban reason. He can say whatever he wants, we have our reasons.

We have the full right to ban and kick him from our TS without it affecting his DayzRP-account. We have the full right to give him any reason for the ban without it affecting his DayZRP-account.

What where you even doing there? We do not like you Tazoo. Stay out of our TeamSpeak, thanks.

Tazoo sent Boris a message earlier today with a question, which he later on recieved a honest answer to. How could that possibly be a reason to ban him? Tazoo asked a question and he got a straight up answer. Tazoo got this answer several hours ago. And when he eventually got banned from our TS he now takes revenge at Boris for his honest answer?

The point Boris made in his answer to Tazoo is now confirmed.

Also, what did you do in our TS if not to taunt an incoming ban? You knew exactly what was going to happen if you joined our TS Tazoo.

This is seriously getting a bit ridiculous. Are you (Tazoo , Livs & Co) really trying to find reasons to ban us 24/7? :)

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  • MVP

Boris's Response:

As a gamemaster or admin you must expect to take constant criticism from the players, I have asked Tazoo numerous times in a civilised manner not to handle our reports because yes he is biased against S-GRU. The fact that he made my NLR report seem legit when I personally thought that it was an NLR violation AFTER I had made it quite clear from my point of view (and logs can confirm that he MUST have been in the area unless it’s a complete coincidence that I could have killed him). This infuriated me and made me say in an uncivilised way that he should actually stay out of my reports in a PM. (I told him to fuck off).

Prior to this I’ve banned him from our TS numerous times just for sitting the AFK channel without talking. An hour or two after sending the PM he idles in the AFK channel, I perma ban him for being slimy and me just genuinely not liking him.

If I’m banned for sending an opinion to a GM, even if it is remotely offensive then I’m sure a lot more people will be banned for sending offensive PMs in future.

The fact that I’m banned almost entirely by Tazoo does show he’s out to get S-GRU and I hope you do indeed see this, and I do have further evidence of bias.

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I strongly disagree with the amount of warning points that was given to Boris for the PM towards Tazoo. I was lead to believe by a Admin that we do not punish in game for forum warnings/bans.

Do I agree he should have maybe gotten a forum warning for the PM, sure, maybe. Would I have warned anyone for that PM, no. I don't get offended that easily, and personally, I see a permanent ban on Boris for a PM that mild as harsh to say the least.

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After consulting others of the evidence/history of this incident, I believe the ban was extreme and shouldn't be 10 points. We can't stop people hating us, that's part of the job. Boris sent it in a PM and yes it can be seen as disrespectful but it should only be taken as a grain of salt. IMO 10 points resulting in a permaban is over the top and too harsh.

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You told him to reply with his opinion, Tazoo. He then gave you said opinion, so now I really don't see the issue here.

If I asked for someones opinion, and someone gave it to me, bad or good. I wouldn't immediately result to warning them, especially coming from a private source such as a PM, Instant message, etc.

Forums, in game, sure. But not a PM where you asked for someones opinion.

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  • Server Manager

Tazoo being in someone's TS has nothing to do with this, this is about PM that was sent to Tazoo by Boris. Tazoo contacted me about this personally before issuing a ban, I approved it.

Simply put: Boris has been given plenty of chances, he was banned multiple times, then permabanned. He was then given another chance during the server amnesty and he knew in what situation he was in (67% warning level). Even after all these punishments and warnings he continues to make assumptions and slander a GM without any ground to his claims what so ever. A GM has to get a second opinion on every report they handle, that way a single GM can never be biased.

How many chances can we give a person? How many times will the staff have to tolerate players calling us names, accusing of being corrupted, biased, unfair? How many warnings and punishments does it take for this person to finally realize that either you follow the rules or leave this community? 1 day ban, 3 day? 5 warning points (which is a laughable 16% warning)? How many of these will we have to issue before a person realizes he might be getting in trouble for his or hers actions?

A person without previous warnings would not be banned for this type of PM, he may be new after all. The person would simply be told through the PM to calm down and think through what they just wrote. Boris is a different story though. I WILL NO LONGER TOLERATE BEHAVIOR LIKE THIS. Staff is here to provide you this community and service in their own free time. The only thing we request is following the simple rules and a tiny bit of respect. I don't think that's too demanding.

TL;DR: 10 point warning stays and with it the permanent ban.

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  • MVP

Those PMs should have remained private (asking for opinion - getting a unpleasent one = ban ?) . For me this should have not have happened in first place.

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Guest Spesivtsev

So "I will not believe a single word from you" and "[you] lie about us all of the time" are very strong insults?

No Rel, that reply had nothing to do with the ban. As I said,the ban was not based on the two pms from my previous post

So what was it based on then all I see is an opinion which I personally think is just I do think Tazoo is out to get us

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