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Warlord Rolle's story game!

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Since almighty Rolle has so much to do I thought we could make him a backstory to take some of the stress off!

Wat to do: Post one line of the story and end it with a "." and the next poster countiniues the story!


1: Role Play Guidelines must be followed! >> http://www.dayzrp.com/t-guidelines

2: Do not post more than one post!

3: Go down two lines and use () if you want to say some thing else, example: (agagsdgetn)

4: Always refer to Rolle as: "Warlord Rolle"!

Ofcourse i will start:

"Warlord Rolle was born on a cold summer night in Novosibirsk, Russia 18th of June, 1978."

(Lets do this ^^)

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Godmoding is allowed, as Almighty Rolle is a god.

Almighty Rolle had existed in the heavens for all these years, but the mortal humans below did not know of his existence. They prayed to false gods, and there were those who did not believe in gods. But when a disease struck Chernarus, millions died, and the looming threat awakened Almighty Rolle. With his massive, glowing wings, he swooped down and helped the mortals he had created. He bore a mighty hammer named the "Banhammer", which was used to destroy wickedness in the world. The hopeless survivors, witnessing the miracle of divine intervention, they began to worship and pray to the Lord Almighty Rolle.

ok, this is srs guise...

"He was the son of the Chernarussian SSR's leader"

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