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Remove VON zombie aggro

Guest anando

Remove VOIP aggro?  

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As you might have noticed since the zombies now aggro from 80m as soon as you activate VOIP. I guess the feature itself is kinda cool, But it destroys RP.

The VOIP aggro + the increased zombie damage is just too much to handle, At least if you are a bandit.

I want to remove the VOIP aggro, so bandits actually can RP with their victim instead of getting swarmed by 50-100 zombies.

Either you have to remove the VOIP aggro or actually find out a way to delay the zombie re-spawn, because right now they just keep on coming.

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  • Server Manager

If reducing aggro range to 5-10m is possible do that... If not, remove.

We're doing exactly that.

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  • MVP

Rolle and Jamie recently reduced to VOIP agro to half(so 40 meters?).

Still, I agree, it should be reduced further. The walking corpses shouldnt have the same hearing capacity as a bat.

I'd say 5 or 10 meters is more proper. That would make things more reasonable imo. So I'll vote "Yes, kinda" but with 5-10 meters since I think VOIP agro is realistic but not at the massive range.

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Yes Tomeran and Rolle, and yes to 5 m. Seriously, if someone is trying to be talk silently 5m away from you, no way you can hear them in a major city.

And please don't just remove it because of some VOIP hate thread poll. Try reducing to 5-10 m first.

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Dont get me wrong, if you can adjust it to 5 meters, then by all means. I just think that will be pretty hard

But 80m as soon as you just press the button is just :>

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The VOIP aggro + the increased zombie damage is just too much to handle, At least if you are a bandit.

This isn't even about bandits only. I was at the air field and wanted to play with a new Russian friend, but we both got trapped in the baraks cause I can't shut my mouth, and yeah I'm sure he died. Why did that need to happen? VOIP Aggro destroy's RP, because we can't even talk in electro to friendly's with out drawing half the town. I don't have every friendly/bandit added on my Skype list, and typing takes TOO long. Macroing isn't even realistic -_- my few cents ^^;

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Think we all have the same opinion.. VOIP aggro, good. 80m (or 40?m) aggro range, BAD.

Yesterday i was gonna help som survivors making a last stand in cherno and had to type OOC; FFS stop talking with voice or i will let you die. This is not really realistic.

Meeting a survivor and then pulling one zed if your not careful, that is realistic. Accidentaly hitting the button and pulling half of cherno.. Srsly guise?

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