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Server time (UTC): 2021-10-23 15:04

Terribad FPS drop?

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I heard it was due to something in the recent 1.7.5 patch. Haven't been able to confirm yet though.

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imo it's because of the TP location. it makes people go to major cities and spawn a ton of zombies. since the retarded arma II engine ir loading the whole map at once it loads every zombie for every player no matter where you are. The fps is just terrible... it got slightly better after the new patch but its still not good enough.

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There's always someone in Cherno. TP being near the cities is not really a big problem.

Maybe it's some items at TP that bug the system.

The Arma 2 engine is probably not meant to handle some things this server uses.

We probably just have to eliminate items one by one to seek the problem.

I do like how zombies are now actually a threat. For some odd reason their melee damage is almost as powerful as a gunshot. I lose like, 2000 blood or so when a zombie hits me.

Does anyone know what the zed damage is exactly? I know for sure it is a lot higher on this server.

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