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Ban appeal for Gunter and Fenix [T.C.V.]


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Original report... If the admins could take another look into this report i would appreciate it. I still don't see how it adds up? My first shot was at 41 meters, Fenix initiated in-front of me which meant he was even closer then 40 meters which is within the chat range, after he initiated he ran behind a tree (they also were fleeing which could have added just a few more meters) to take cover which made the range further I am 100% sure we where in range, they even looked up the hill at us right after the robbery. I don't know how much evidence we can provide. Thanks for understanding my concern.

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Due to the fact more than 10 seconds passed before they opened fire, movement could have changed a lot, as it matches their story. Saying 'do not move' was clear, and according to you and Fenix, they moved to look for you - hostile.

The ban is ending in a few hours so I am taking it off, but the character resets remain.

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