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Whitelisted and then un-whitelisted

Guest Erich

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About a month ago I submitted a whitelist application and got accepted. After being inactive for a month I tried to get back on the server and it didn't work. My forum account was deleted and I was no longer whitelisted.

After doing more reading on the forums, I realized that there was a limited amount of days you could be inactive before account deletion.

So after that I created a new account, submitted another application and got accepted. Again.

Then just a few days later,(after DayzRP mod was released) I couldn't log onto the server, so I checked the whitelist application and it says I'm currently not whitelisted.

I don't want to submit another whitelist application, I just would like to play the game without any more hassle.

Is there any advice for me on how to fix this issue? Is this an issue with only me? Is it my fault this is happening, or is this a common issue that the admins can fix for me?


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I'm sorry, but you have to submit another white-list, the new one requires a RP back round of your character you wish to play on the server.

I apologize for the hassle, but all members of the community had to resubmit one including the staff.

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