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Stop zombies respawning


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So if you have ever been in a area for a long time, let's say polana factory, the zombies just keep respawning after you have killed the majority / all of them. I find this very annoying and unrealistic, is there any chance that this can be changed? What's your thoughts on this everyone else?

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Couldn't agree more. It makes me feel as if firearms are only useful for killing other players, or sitting on top of a building and farming zombies. I would absolutely love if you could clear out or lessen the amount of zombies in a town before/after entering. Places like Cherno, Elektro and maybe Berezino might be fine for having infinite zombies, but it really takes some of the fun out of shooting zombies when small towns have infinitely many =P

Sneaking is fun, and should be the primary way of getting around, but it makes it pretty boring for those of us that don't often engage in pvp.

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