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A frenchy in Chernarus : Arthur

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My only friend is you, my diary. I'm alone since yesterday, Zinaïda have attemp to kill me, she become one of the dead. I have left Dunkerque since 2 days. On the first day, she was fine, just a little feverish. But this morning, she was a Zombie. I have break her head with a axe, and throw the body overboard.

We have choose to take the sea with a sailboat , because the sea was the last place safe on this world. I have many flower pot and fishnets for eat. I wait the rain for drink water, but I have a good reserve for now.


The journey are long, I'm fishing all days, and wait the rain. I don't know why I stay alive. Why continu to live when the world is dying? Why stay alive when we are alone, on a boat . . . maybe because I'm too cowardly to kill myself . . . I stop writing here, maybe later.


Happy New Year ! I have forget you, my diary. I let the wind guide me on the sea, and now I'm lost. Maybe on the Pacific or the mediterranean sea, I don't know.


I have kill a bird today, I'm happy because tonight I eat meat ! I think I'm near a coast, but I don't know where . . .

I'haven't see a rainy cloud since 2 week, I'have just 14 liter of water . . .


It is drought, no cloud on the sky, only the sun. The weather is not very hot, just dry . . .

my last plant was die this morning, no more water for she. I have only 6L of water . . .


I can see the coast ! She is far, but I can join the coast in 2 days, but I don't know if the zombie are waiting me for eat my brain ! I have no choice, it's zombie or dehydration . . .


I was ready for accost, but a storm have boomed just behind me ! The water is coming, and I don't need to visit this country, I am saved !

Day 1 at Chernarus !

It's finish . . .

My boat is smashed ! During the night, the storm have sink my ship, I jumped to the sea and swim for join the coast. I was at Chernogorsk in Chernarus ! I have see a body near a super market, not a zombie, a human. The zombie are everywhere, but I have found an outpost with human alive ! The problem, it's the language, I speak a little russian only, and they don't speak french . . . It's not easy for speaking and understand what happen ! After one hours, I have join the next city for find my boat, he was at the western exit of the city, and you, my diary, you are the only thing unbroken ! I have see many survivor, I just remember of Vlad, maybe a good guy, but I have lost him on the city, I don't know where he's going.

I'm looking for a boat for continu my travel around the earth, and during my research I have found an Island : Skalisty Island ! This beautyfull island is safe, except a fishing village. This island will be mine, and this island will be : La Nouvelle France !

SOrry for my bad english, I will be better with the time ; ).

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Day 2

Today, I have find a boat ! He was near Elektrozavodsk. For begin, I thought he was destroy, but the hull and the engine were good. I have visit Chernogorsk with the boat and make a pause at the outpost of Prigorodky.

I have see a group of 4 guys, they have approached of my boat and mounted in with me for going to Elektro. I have accept because that was on my road. During the trip, I have learned the name of a guy, Kratzer from the USMC. Kratzer and the three guys wanted to make a patrol at Elektro.

Near the hill Kozlova, a car have follow us, up to the dock of Elektro. When we have landed to Elektro, the car have tried to kill us ! We have shoot the car without result and heal two guys wounded. After this, we have make a patrol at Elektro, the group need to be back at 14H, but they were late, and I have leave the zone for go to Skalisty, my new France.

At Skalisty I have meet a russian guy, I don't remember his name, but he was friendly. I drove him to Solnichny and he reward me with a matchbox.

Tomorow, I will trie to make contact with the Rangers and talk . . . if they understand me ! But for this moment, I hunt and I walk around in my new home : Skalisty.

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Day 3

Today someone have steal my boat ! but I had regained near Solnichniy. I was looking for fuel, when I heard a car on the road and she haven't stop near me when I have call him for speak . . . but they haven't attempted to kill me, this is a good beginning !

I have sailed and trade all the day, I have meet a girl today, her name is Banshee.

When I was back to Little France, I saw a PBX. The 7th Special Forces Group were here for a recognition or something like that. They were two, I invited the boss to eat a haunch of mutton and we talked while his man guarded the area. He was nice and after the dinner they are left the island.

Today I haven't see the Ranger, maybe tomorow . . .

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I recall meeting you today Frenchman. I at first was very hesitant to allow you to keep your weapon in sight, but my C.O. assured me that everything would be fine. I always stand guard, so I did not want to come off as being rude to not accept your invitation of a meal. But as I said where we met, that you're welcome to apply to our group if you think you stand for our cause. We do not discriminate other races or nationalities. We accept all who are willing to undergo combat training and recon training. We hope to see you at the TP soon.

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Your story is interesting and I'd be eager to meet and travel with you. Your friend at the supermarket was recording and I've seen the video at trade post.

The SRF wishes you safe travels, mon ami.

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Welcome to Chernarus. The last Frenchman to inhabit our coast was a great friend of mine. He went by the nom de guerre "La Grenouille", but his real name was William. He and his son Jurian roamed the coast providing excellent cuisine and warm company to those in need. They've gone missing in recent days ... perhaps they'll hear of "La Nouvelle France" and seek you out. If so, give them my regards. Hoping to meet you soon.

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