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GUID problem when editing in game profile

Guest Feolthenos

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Guest Feolthenos

I thought this was a little odd, and I probably wouldn't have discovered it without a whitelist server.

You see, when I went into the main menu after I exit the game, you know, Singleplayer, multiplayer, all that jazz, I decided to edit my profile due to the fact that I didn't want to come onto a roleplay server with some plain Jane name like how I would if I was on a PVP.

I found out you couldn't actually edit your character name, which annoyed me marginally, so I Created a new one instead, all this goes well until I check in game (First the RP server, then a standard DayZ mod server) and it turns out that my GUID is blank, nothing.

Can you not create a new character?

or is there some work around for getting the GUID to copy/paste onto the new character?

Edit my old character?

I'll take anything at this point.

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GUID is attached to your CD key, which is attached to your retail box or steam account and if you make new profile it shouldn't change the GUID or anything like that.

And do you need your GUID or? And put your PID into donation shop, please.

I've made few more profiles and haven't had any problem with them, so don't know what could cause this.

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