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Knegges Background Story

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[align=left]I am a young lawyer from Leipzig, East-Germany, on our every-year hunting trip to Chernarussia with my friend Schdaff, who i know since we went to school together and Fantomen, who we met on our first hunting trip to Sweden.

We are traveling to Chernau every year since we graduaded from university to have a chance to shoot some of the last european/russian bears living in freedom (since we're not allowed to shoot them in Finland).

So we usually spend 2 weeks living in the woods, hunting, talking and just getting away from the stress in our jobs. And since Chernarus is one of the least populated areas on the continent, it seems to be the perfect place for getting away from that bloodsucking society.

Hopefully we'll be able to regenerate and refill our "Accumulators" with the pure power of the wilderness, like every year before.

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Day 1: We just went to our rented hunting hut in Petrovka. Did not much today.

Just had some beers and cleaned our rifles and pistols for our first hunting trip tomorrow.

The weather seems allright, bit cold though. But I'm looking forward for tomorrow. Nothing but the woods, my buddies Schdaff and Fantomen, and, hopefully, some bear tracks. Can't wait to finally shoot my bear! Well, some deer or pigs would be okay too, but a bear would be awesome.

Update Day 1, evening: Crazy story guys!

After we went for a shopping trip to get some stuff we needed (you know, TP, more beer, some food), we had a smoke outside. Schdaff noticed something moaning in the woods behind the hut. We found a really messed up guys, appearently hurt, asking for help. This guy seems really sick! Gave him some antibiotics and some soup.

He's sleeping in the bedroom, while we're gonna stay on the couch. Let's hope for this poor dude he'll get well soon. We're gonna try to take him to a hospital tomorrow, since we got no phone out here.

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Day 2, morning: When we woke up this morning, the guy we found in the woods was gone. I don't know if he got well or something. So no hospital today. Instead: Hunting! We just packed our stuff for a 3-days-trip. Probably we're gonna head down to Prud and put our camp up there so we can at least go fishing if we can't find any bears or deer. I'll report back once we got back from our trip. So long!

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Day 4: We just got back from our first hunting trip. Sadly, we found absolutely no tracks of any bears. But we noticed something different: Since we got here we met only 2 people: The guy who rented us that hut and that weirdo coming out of the woods at night. I could swear i've seen a crashed helicopter a few hundret meters north of Guglovo but we've been on the tracks of a large boar, so we didn't check it out. Maybe we should try to talk to some People to find out what is going on. A crashed helicopter close to a settlement and NO police at all... I'll report back later.

Gotta take a shower and can't wait for the first beer. Think we're gonna stay in the hut tonight and play some cards.

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Day 5, morning: Guys, seriously, there is something really strange going on!

When we got up today we packed our stuff to go on another trip to the north-western part of the woods north of Petrovka.

But as we got out the hut to put our stuff in the car, the UAZ was gone.

I still can't believe this. Who steals a car in the middle of nowhere?!

But this is not the only bad thing happened today. Later, after arguing about what to do now (how should we get back to Cherno to rent another car?), we noticed some people walking around outside of our hut.

Schdaff called one of them to ask if they'd seen someone driving around with an Camo-UAZ, but just as he was greeting the Person, this guy noticed Schdaff and started running towards him, grabbing his arm , literally trying to bite it! I pushed that guy away from Schdaff but he attacked again instantly. That was when Fantomen knocked that freak out with his rifle butt. Schdaff was really pissed, got no bite but was scared like hell. So he started yelling at the unconcious guy, kicking his chest when we noticed that bastard smelled like...well, kind of like rotting meat.

First we thought it must have been his worn out clothes, but having a closer look we found out that this guy himself actually LOOKED like he's been dead for quite a while. At his neck we found bitmarks that could have been caused by a human being. A few seconds later the guy woke up and instantly attacked Schdaff again, this time grabbing his leg. He was moaning like those Walkers in a Zombie-movie. Fantomen noticed 5 other people closing in on us real quick. Probably attracted by our screaming.

So we got back into the hut in a hurry. That's where I am right now, with those "people" walking around the house, obviously trying to find a way in, which is why we closed all the jalusiers and locked the door. Kind of feels like on a siege now. Can't stand that moaning any longer.

What the hell are we gonna do?!

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