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Guest chester

Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA - SM (ACEX_SM)


http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=12160 - download mod

This a sound mod for ARMA2:OA that changes weapon sounds (and some other sounds, too). While some of you may remember the performance problems of JSRS, ACEX_SM is purely a sound replacement mod. It does NOT perform any logic, run any scripts, or any of that other intensive processing that was a part of JSRS.

It's just a straight up simple sound replacement. You should experience virtually no performance difference from using this. There's really not a reason to forego use of this mod unless you simply don't like the new sounds.

Note: DayZ specific weapons obviously do not have any sound replacements, this includes:



Winchester 1866

Double-barrel Shotgun

Remington 870


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