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dayzrp mod changes

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Here is the changelog.

v1.0 Initial Release

- [ADDED] Hazmat skins for RP Events

- [MODIFIED] Zombie hearing for von communication (hopefully)

- [REMOVED] Mk17 CQC CCO SD from helicopter loot tables

- [REMOVED] Some missed acre files removed

- [CLEANUP] Optimized all loot spawns

v0.7 Release Candidate

- [REMOVED] CG animation replacement/enhancement pack

- [REMOVED] A.C.R.E Communication system

- [REMOVED] Radios from the civilian and military loot tables.

- [ADDED] Female skins


- [MODIFIED] - Military tents have their own loot table now, basic western.

- [ADDED] A.C.R.E Communication system

- [ADDED] CG animation replacement/enhancement pack

- [ADDED] Optional J.S.R.S sound mod support

- [Fixed] Random skin when you spawn, (citizen, worker, woodlander, rocker and villager skins)

- [ADDED] Radios to the civilian and military loot tables.

- [MODIFIED] Zombie damage reduced

- [MODIFIED] Maximum zombies per towns.


- [uPDATED] Updated the base mod to dayz

- [REMOVED] Removed M1014 pellets and slugs from military loot.

- [CLEANUP] Optimized all loot spawns

- [REMOVED] Removed UZI SD Ammo from military loot.

- [REMOVED] Removed all XM8 Variants from Heli Crashes

- [REMOVED] Removed MG36 and MG36 CAMO from Heli Crashes

- [REMOVED] Removed BetaC Mags from Western Ammo Box (in dayz_equip/config.cpp)

- [ADDED] Skins located on String-Skin Table

- [ADDED] Random skin when you spawn, (citizen, worker, woodlander, rocker and vilager skins)

- [ADDED] More civilian based skins

- [MODIFIED] Fixed Skin XML Sheet

- [MODIFIED] Changed soldier and camo clothing to russian equivalent

- [ADDED] Added Original Soldier and camo clothing to heli Crashes

- [ADDED] Seperate Loot Table for FireStation

- [ADDED] Seperate Loot Table For Office (school building)

- [ADDED] Seperate Loot Table for Church

- [REMOVED] Military spawns from Industrial areas

- [ADDED] Compass spawn in Barracks

- [MODIFIED] Removed Survivor2W skin from Residential

- [MODIFIED] Updated spawn chances for skins

- [ADDED] Seperate Loot Table for Deerstands

- [ADDED] Pistols (Colt,Revolver,Makarov) to FireStation


- [CHANGED] Loot tables, No western weapons spawn in military/barracks at all now, Western and Russian ammo boxes, with generous variety of ammo inside them.

- [REMOVED] Removed Mountain Dew from generic loot spawns.

- [CHANGED] Changed Mountain Dew spawn rate to 1% in Food Loot.

- [REPLACED] 0.3v dayz_weapons.pbo with v0.2 dayz_weapons.pbo to remove all references of addon weapons.

- [FIX] Fixed loot table ordering //Be careful when making changes next time

- [REMOVED] kpfs_tri_weap.pbo

- [REMOVED] rh_de.pbo

- [REMOVED] SKS, TT33, Desert Eagle, and Rifle sack backpack - all Require external addons

- [CHANGED] Zombie damage has been increased (about 7 hits now - might need tweaking)

- [CHANGED] Zombie speed has a slight increase (needs adjusting)

- [CHANGED] All weapons spawn with at least one mag now, all western weapons will spawn with at least 2 mags and all m9, m9sd and g17 will spawn with at least 3 mags.


- [ADDED] SKS rifle, deals about same damage as AKM does, 10 mag semi auto weapon

- [ADDED] TT33 sidearm, damage needs to be tweaked abit

- [ADDED] Desert eagle, rare heli crash weapon, ammo only comes with it

- [ADDED] New backpack, uses tripod bag model, 10 slot backback named as rifle sack. Most common military loot backpack.

- [ADDED] Ability to drag dead bodies

- [CHANGED] New additions to the map.

- [CHANGED] Implemented new loottable layout (made by Jamie, Rel and Boris), need to tweak it with goz to implement some of the ideas goz.

- [CHANGED] ItemGenerator changed from magazine class to toolbelt item. Used for fuelsystem later.

- [CHANGED] You need to have Portable generator in your toolbelt in order to refuel jerrycan..

- [CHANGED] Increased zombie damage even more (be careful)

- [CHANGED] Decreased the amount of content in medical box (5 bandage, 2 epipen, 2 morphine, 2 bloodbags, 4 painkillers

- [CHANGED] Modified ammoboxes.

- [CHANGED] Chance of bleeding on hit decreased

- [CHANGED] Loot can now spawn while you are in vehicle

- [CHANGED] Food item loot changes has been reduced significantly


- [ADDED] Zombies can now spawn even if you are in car

- [ADDED] Chloroform, has bit higher change to spawn in medical loot than antibiotics, can be used to knock someone unconscious (thanks for dayz redux and S.D.S samuel)

- [FIXED] backpacks not usable for regular arma 2 skins (thanks to goz)

- [CHANGED] increased zombie damage slightly


- [REPLACED] All western weapons from loot tables with their russian counterparts.

- [ADDED] All banned skins and vehicles unbanned.

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