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Andrei Petrov's Backstory

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Drafted into the Soviet Army in April, 1984 and sent at the age of nineteen to serve in Afghanistan as a medic.

During his service Afghanistan he met with the sniper Boris Grigorev from Company 13.

They shared stories with each other about their hometowns and the girls they had back home.

Both Andrei and Boris was belivers in the cause, altough Andrei belived in more peaceful means, which sometimes made for some heated debates amongst them two.

After the Whidrawal from Afghanistan in 1989 Andrei went home only to find both his parents had passed away and his girl to have had married another man.

So Andrei decided to sell of the last possessions of his decesed parents and move away.

He was tierd of all the war and the death, he had seen enough in Afghanistan.

He sent a last letter to his friend Boris telling him what have happend and that he was gonna get a new start somewhere else.

Altough, leaving the Motherland behind would be hard, he knew that, he would feel like a traitor..

But right now he needed it. So he gatherd his stuff and hit the road.

A couple of years later Andrei found himself in the small country of Chernarus.

An old Sovjet-state, it would fit him well he thought.

He lived there in peace and quiet a good couple of years, working as a doctor at the local hospital in the city of Chernogorsk.

Even though the days went by, Andrei never for once forgot about the Motherland and the cause. Thats why he joined the local communist party.

At the day of the first outbreak Andrei was home frome work. So when the first reports came in he thought it was all a joke.

Zombies? Living dead? HA! Who thought of that nonsense! This is what a country without communism do! They lie! He thought for himself.

The day after he woke up to people screaming and gunshots, had the revolution began? Had the people finally had enough?

Had that stupid "Prank" done it for them? Finally!

He hurried up and get dressed and ran down the stairs from his apartment.

When he came out he was shocked. "This is no revolution...", he muttered under his breath.

This was. People eating other people.

Andrei rushed back to his apartment and got his AK-47 and some of his old soldier supplies.

If he had learned something from Afghanistan it was that you should NEVER be in a big city when the hell brakes loose.

So he gatherd some canned beans and some drinks with the rest of his other supplies.

He rushed back down the stairs, standing inside the street door looking out on the chaos.

Was this for real? Or was he just dreaming?! He pinched himself once just to see if he really was awake.

IT hurt.. He knew this was real.. He opend the door a little and looked around.

It looked clear. Andrei sprinted out towards the forest. *Cmon!! Only a couple of hundred meters! You can do it!!*

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[[Cool story mate. I wont bother posting anymore of my biased CLF rambling but will give feedback.

Spelling at times. The layout is a little bit wonky, so have another read and see how you can move things around.

Also, why not describe your parents death in a little more detail and the loss of his girlfriend. These could be excellent motivations for him to rejoin the military for a placement abroad. Also what is keeping him going now?

Its cool. :) ]]

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