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Christoph Tavish- Backstory

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Tav stumbled to the ground, panting, the last few hours had seemed like a blur and filled with constant running.

(What were those things?), a common thought that raced through his mind the last few days. Surely this had to be one big joke. Something one of his friends had put together, knowing his love for movies such as Night of the Living Dead, and Dawn of the Dead. He laughed to himself and shook his head at his naivety, these weren't hundreds of people dressed up as zombies, no they weren't. Not after everything his saw within the Emerge Department the last few days.

It all seemed to start with a bite, at least that's what he thought. He remembered dozens of farm folks coming into Elektrozavodsk's hospital that day. Each feeling feverish, and stating that they had been assaulted by a friend or neighbour. Standard care for such a simple triage case, aside from the fever, none of them appeared in bad shape. But it happened instantly, one of them suddenly dying from this fever, then coming back... With the ruckus coming from this "zombie", (Tav still couldn't believe that he used that term to describe what was happening), and the staff attempting to restrain him, they never saw the others going quiet, then coming back as these monsters...

Tav barely managed to get out of the hospital, and by then it was too late. Chaos, carnage, and death suddenly seemed the norm as people rushed the streets, some living, trying to escape; others the damned, trying to get another meal. Tav rushed to his apartment, scrambling to dump as much as he could into a backpack and headed towards the docks, hoping to find a raft or barge, or anything that would float.

It's been a week since that happened, Tav managed to find himself a float, barely living off of the food and drink he managed to find. Washed up on the shore, he stands...

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Eh, see that's just it. It's telling you what got him to this point, but really, this event will change anyone. Besides, not everyone is going to be open and honest about themselves. But fair enough, I'll resubmit another later.

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Tav came to Elektrozavodsk to work at the town hospital as foreign trained nurses were needed. Originally from Vancouver, he had come into this "adventure" with years of Emerge experience but seeing just how "dirty and grimy" this country was an eye opener for him. It took a lot to live within this land, which Tav felt was no better than a third world country at times.

Tav has had years of experience dealing with anything that comes through the ER doors. Be it a cough, chest pain, trauma, you name it he's seen and dealt with it. But seeing all of this, seeing men and women rip people apart has been tough to accept and to deal with.

Tav's mental state now is better as he finds himself washed up on the shore, he's accepting of what's happened, and knows that he has to survive, if not find others. He's not sure if any of his friends are still alive, but he's going to try to find out. He has no loyalties at present, but has never been the type to rob or harm someone.

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(( I'm not the best storyteller there is, but a few tips:

-Tell us WHO this guy is. WHY is he even in Chernarus, what's his purpose, what kind of person is he

- What are his motives know, in the outbvreak, what is he trying to accomplish, is it simple survival or something more sophisticated?

- Don't make a wall of text! It's hard to read, and most people will just scroll it down.

Besides that, I can see that you're capable of writing a good story :D GO ahead, AMAZE ME :D ))

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I hear you worked at the Elektro hospital.

By chance were you in the 'Accident & Emergency' ward? Your experience makes me believe that you were an all round doctor with plenty of general medical experience. Either that or you had switched departments frequently.

If so, then this puts you in an exceptional position as a medic. Maybe you should even approach a group to provide your expertise as a general practitioner.

It was a shock how such mediocre injuries and ailments have become significant since we now lack all of our basic equipment. It had been weeks since I had managed to convince the CLF to try to infiltrate the Cherno hospital in order to 'liberate' an ECG machine, a basic portable defibrillator and a set of a oxygen masks. Combine these with a decent generator and I now have a basic surgery. A trivial thing in comparison to my usual operating room back at Kings in London.

Take a visit to our camp in the Northern wastes and I will happily give you a tour.

[[Cool story mate. It would be great to see your motivations. The fun part is actually applying these to your actions in game.

In regards to feedback: the more information you add the better. Minor descriptions and trivial details actually make it more believable and also make your character feel like a real person.

Look forward to see what else you can think up :) ]]

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