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Server time (UTC): 2021-10-22 18:37

Broken Leg = No Abort?

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Server Name: RP1

Location in game: (PM me please, still stuck here)

Skin: Green something or other (new one)

Weapons(if any): Lee

Vehicles(if any): x

What happened in detail: Broken leg on restart, and now can not hit abort and need to log off.. Terribly frustrating... Don't know how much more detail I really need on this one.

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Yeah, sorry, was in a hurry and REAALLLLYY didnt want my character to die so soon because of a glitch of a broken leg and not being able to abort correctly. So, I was kinda rushing through this reporting stuff so I could hopefully get help. Didnt. But I got lucky and OOC had to get Dr. Stranglelove to come give me morphine so I could log out.............

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