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I was a chemical engineer working at the Polana factory when all this happened. By nationality I am Norwegian, but have worked in chernarus for the last 6 months as my Norwegian company are part owners of the plant.

Actually I remeber fine tuning a cooling water PID controller for a reactor when the newsflash at the radio in the background talked about some new disease. This is the moment where the shit actually hit the fan, but as most people I brushed it off as some exaggerated story at the moment.

Fast forward 48 hrs; I was eating lunch in the cantina at the Polana factory when some "man" walked in and took a bite of one of the mechanics standing in line. The story was apparently as bad as the radio have said 2 days ago... I rushed home and grabbed weapons and ammo as I am a hunter and headed for the airfield in the north eastern part of chernarus.

My glider-club has a small hut there, aswell as a towplane and some gliders. I didn't know where else to go as this was the closest I had gotten of friends in my short stay here in chernarus. I am married, but my wife is home in Norway and getting a hold of her or anyone else has proved impossible as the mobile network went down approximately the same time I got home.

When I got to the airfield that day I found two of my aviation friends already there. One of them was local international student, the other a widowed, childless and retired russian fighter pilot. Both coming there for the same reason as me, they didn't se anywhere else logical to go.

We got the VHF radio working, listening in to reports from all over chernarus. Apparently the army had set up base at Balota and Stary Sobor, both was already in the process of being overrun. We also got chatter from a few airbornes, mostly army hueys left over for the new government after the american intrusion a year ago.

We decided we had one way out; try to get away from chernarus. We didn't have anything holding us back anyways. We cramped into the clubs towplane, an old worn Piper pawnee. It only has two seats, but can fit three desperate men in a pinch.

Flying above Polana at dusk; looking down at the factory I was working 8 hrs earlier we got intercepted by a huey demanding us to go to balota due to "contamination" risks. Passing Chernogorsk we saw the scale of destruction and figured we would try to head out anyways, breaking off from the heli escort. The gunner got a lucky spray and cut the fuelhose, seconds later we where on final approach to land in the water. After this I don't remember anything except waking up on the beach. My companions are nowhere to be seen and I am hungry as hell. It is also dusk, meaning that at least 24 hrs must have past since our crash landing....

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