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Before the virus hit I was flying covert recon missions over Chernarus for the Brits. My last mission was to aquire aerial imagery of a known terrorist cell working within the town of Zelenogorsk.

The Zeleno Crips are considered one of the most ruthless cells in all of Chernarus and I was determind to gather as much intel on them as possible, but something went wrong.....

During my flight I was engaged by a SAM site over Cherno which took out my left engine. I was able to hold the plane steady for a few minutes as I tried to pull out but all controls began to fail and I had to eject.

At the time I was unsure where I had landed, I gathered what gear I could and headed for the nearest town. It turns out I had ejected over Zelenogorsk and ZC saw the whole thing. My plan was to sneak into the town to grab some basic supplies and get the hell out, but it was a trap. I was dragged off to a holding area and locked in a cell for months. over time strange things started to happen around the town. I heard a lot of screaming and what sounded like a lot of fighting. I could only see through a small hole in my cell but the things I saw would change any man. Bodies were ripped apart and the people were starting to act like animals.

Eventually the ZC compound began to get over run, the guards unlocked my cell and gave me a choice, either run and die, or stand and fight with them. There was no choice, I grabbed a rifle and never looked back.

We currently roam the towns and cities of Chernarus, trying to steal what we can from the other bandit clans and to survive the zombie onslaught.

We are still alive, for now.....

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