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Zlyludek Ban


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Hey admins.

I have a question why exactly was Zlyludek banned? I wasnt there when he did this:

"After reviewing the evidence and talking to this over with the other GM's I am giving Michal:

3 - Day Ban for Attempted KoS and Combat Log

Warning shots are not allowed.

Communication must be made through text.

One man trying to stop a moving vehicle by himself by just using voice is not enough.

Intention of hostility must be evident.

The Logging off was just "too convenient".

As this will bring you to 100% you are permanently banned. "

But after i spoke with him he said to mee that he didnt combat log. Furthermore i dont know why "using voice" is a reason for a permanent ban.

The problem i see here is that he maybe didn't know that there are some unwritten rules. He havent killed somebody or something.

I cant understand this harsh reaction of you.

Isn't there any possibility to make a 3 days ban out of the permanent one?

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Zlyludek has reached 100% warning in a very short amount of time. He got 2 banstrikes and around 3 forum warnings for things he had said and done. This raised his warning points to 100%.

There is no appeal for the 100% unless it is in extreme cases, which this is not. Zlyludek will not be unbanned.

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