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Dr Brandon

[FM] Free Medics

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Free Medics

We heal, we help, and we give, at the cost of nothing but our own expense.


And we are Free on our own, free from the grasp of aggression and hatred. Free of the oppressors that claim ownership of our land.

I am Doctor Nikolai Osaka, I am the so called leader of this clan. Yet we are not really a clan. We just are. No ranks, no masters, one mission. We will do our best to get our lives back together.

Call on us when you need us.

Open Frequency


The group originates from a local Chernarussian Doctor and international Red Cross members united in the chaos. They were led by Nikolai Osaka and together they established their moral code, the prime directive, as the unifying word by which they swear to conduct their lives.

"We heal, we help, and we give, at the cost of nothing but our own expense."


"And we are Free on our own, free from the grasp of aggression and hatred. Free of the oppressors that claim ownership of our land."

In the beginning of the infection the [FM] set up in a small town up north called Svergino. Here they sat up a relief center for any person in need. They took in Soldiers, Civilians, Cops, any one in need of medical assistance or a place to call home. The town remained in bliss state of peace as the months went by. Sadly all things eventually come to a end. It had been Eight months since the start of the city. A large horde of infected had been traveling across Chernarus. The Medic's went unaware of it's presence until the Horde approached the town. The infected attacked the town sending it into chaos as people where killed and eaten by the infected. They Medic's tried to evacuate everyone from the town but only could save a few. Many Civilians, and wounded soldiers died in the town along with the many Free Medic's who tried to save them. 

After the awful event only a few Medic's remained. All of them with different ideas on how to fix the current state of things. Some went North to Russia in the hopes of gaining support from anyone willing to help. Some went West towards Takistan in hopes to find a safer place to call home. When all was said and done only two members remained. Dr Brandon Tallent and Dr Nikolai Osaka.  They both chose to stay behind. Dr Tallent stayed so that he could study the Infected, hoping to better understand them and to cure the virus. Dr Osaka stayed in hopes to help the people of his land. The two drifted apart before finally losing contact all together. 

The Medic's then slowly drifted out of existence. Those who knew of them were either dead or gone. It was at this time Dr Tallent arose out of isolation. His studies on the infected had failed. There was no cure. He needed more people. He needed help with his research. So he went out into this fresh new world full of new faces and wandered around. He met with many different groups. None really could help in his search for a cure. That was until he came in Radio Contact with a group known as Samson Pharmaceuticals. He chatted with them on the radio bit before meeting them in a Military installation known as Veresnik Military Base. He chatted with them a bit and shared notes with them. This started a nice relationship between the two. Time passed and the relationship grew into a nice friendship. But sadly nothing can last forever. Dr Tallent roamed town to town in search of his new intellectual friends finding nothing. He searched for a few weeks before giving up. "What happened to them?" He doesn't know.

After the disappearance of his new friends Dr Tallent began investigating into the two group of Free Medic's who went North and West. After a long investigation the Doctor found evidence that both group were alive. He then began a long investigation in search for both groups in hopes to bring the FM back to Eastern Chernarus.

Medic's of the North

He sat out on a expedition North towards Russian. After Seven Months of wandering the Doctor found the remains of the Medic's. They were held up in a old Abandoned Russian Bunker.  They had barricaded the Bunker and filled it with Lab equipment. Upon further investigation it would show that group of Medic's had Isolated themselves from the world. They did this so they could better understand the Virus and hopefully cure it. In there mind this would Save everyone. Dr Tallent stayed at the bunker with the Medic's for a short time of a Few weeks. He tried convincing them to come back to Chernarus where they are needed but they declined. They considered their work more important. So Dr Tallent went South returning to East Chernarus.

Medic's of the West

After returning to Chernarus Dr Tallent regrouped for a few weeks, collecting supplies for the next expedition to the West. Once his supplies were replenished he began his journey to the West. He headed out on the main road leading outside Kamenka and continued to follow it along the coast. He followed the road until he reached a Giant city by the name Miroslavl'. Upon entering the city he was meet with armed men. They welcomed him before giving him a tour of the city. Afterwards the men refilled his supplies and gave him a place to sleep for the night. When asked the name of the armed men they gave the name National Renewal Movement of Chernarus or [ZBOR] for short. So Dr Tallent stayed one night before heading out further West. After the wonderful night's rest the Doctor thanked the nice people of the ZBOR Before heading off north west in search for a Village hidden the woods. After a couple weeks Dr Tallent came across a fortified town with wooden walls surrounding it. It matched the description of the of the Rumored "Free Medic's base" in the region. He entered the town and was greeted with warm smiles and friendly faces. Dr Tallent chatted around a camp fire with The Western Medic's, catching up and telling stories before asking for assistance in the East. After a lot of negotiating they agreed to lend him one Medic by the name of Alex Fletcher. So after staying a few nights at the Village the two Doctor's set off back to East Chernarus.

The Reunion

The two Doctor's returned to East Chernarus after a long and taxing Journey. Once they arrived Dr Tallent led Alex Fletcher to a small shack up north. Here the two caught up as Dr Tallent set up a Open Radio Frequency. Once they fully got acquainted and the Radio was set up the two headed off towards down south to wander the roads while listening to the frequency. Then suddenly a voice lit up on the radio. A familiar voice. It gave instructions to meet in a town known as Svergino for medical help. A town the two medic's knew all to well... But never the less the two Doctor's set out for the town. After a hour of walking the two reached the town. They looked around before finding a familiar face. A very Familiar face. Dr. Nikolai Osaka stood in front of the same house the medic's were founded at. The two Doctor's formed a giant grin across there face as they welcomed back the Old leader of the FM. 

After chatting the three Doctor's began to roam the roads of Chernarus in search for people to help.


- You cannot harm any player, that means nobody at all, ever.

- Comply with bandits. You are most likely carrying medical items, and your life is not worth risking over them.

- If you get shot because a bandit is not following rules, don't shoot back. try to flee, and try to make the bandit stop shooting you by explaining you are not a threat. But never, ever, retaliate.

- Never deny medical help. You will help anyone who requires you too, no matter who they are, what they did, and even a bandit who just shot you and then asks for a bloodbag/Saline.

- Don't steal. if you come across a tent you are allowed to drop off some of your own items, but never take any.

- You are allowed to take abandoned vehicles, but only if you are sure they are free game.

- And important, Roleplay!! take over the identity of a doctor who survives in the zombie wasteland. act like it. You are not a soldier, you are a doctor. 


Intern - Just started, needs to prove his worth. usually this can be either skipped because we know you, or you prove yourself pretty quick you are worthy the title of Doctor.

Doctor - Main "rank". You are a doctor. You heal people. the end.

Veteran - Reserved for doctors who are considered the elders of our group. They know everything, and seen everything. Listen to them, they know what they are talking about. They do not boss others around, but are considered to be the ones who answer your questions if you have any.

Dean of Medicine - You can't really advance to this. There is no automatic seminar involved. It's the rank for the "leaders". They make the decisions. 

 Unicorn - One does not simply believe in Brian. Brian is the path towards the eternal starlight.


We do not forbid a Free Medic to use any specific weapon, however we are not combat personnel.

You may chose to have no weapon at all, but we advise to have at least some protection against zombies. Any weapon is good against zombies, but some are far more efficient.


We are Doctor's not Soldiers.

It should go with out saying that Free Medic's won't be in full military Gear. 

A good example is Gorka Gear. It's meant to be for Military personnel. Not us.


Just PM Dr Brandon with a short explanation about what makes you a good medic. Why do you want to join us, as you will never get to shoot at players, the whole purpose of us is not the purpose of the Dayz engine.

Also... tell me your age (In real life, not in character)

You basically start as a trial member. When you join you have to pair with another Free Medic and let him/her evaluate your work. Take notes, and learn from them. In a later stage you will be a full member, which shouldn't take too long. You can find playing medics in the TS channels. If there's nobody online, just go out and do the good work. We will notice your work.

I am defining an age requirement for recruitment and that requirement will be 18 years of age. Mainly this is based on the fact that the internal communications are of mature nature. We have our own community within the clan and that community is a big part of what we find fun about the clan.

There is very little in the way of coordination or restrictions within the clan when it comes to communication and therefore we require for each member to be able to regulate their own communications and understand and accept a wide range of people as humans and team mates.

This age requirement will also in a way allow me to be fair when considering the recruitment. We now have a clear and fair restriction to which we can refer to.

I acknowledge that age does not in any way mean maturity, however it is an indication. Also, this will allow us more freedom within our own ranks.

In the future the recruitment will also have a requirement of recommendation. This mean that in order to be recruited as an official Free Medic, the applicant must have shown his suitability for the clan by working with the Free Medics. I will not be recruiting people based on a simple message. Said message is highly appreciated but the main path to recruitment will be through cooperation.

Befriend Free Medics -> Show your suitability -> Recruitment.

And if you ask me "but how can I cooperate when I can not share KoS rights with you?", I will appreciate the humor.

Also, the age requirement does not in any way restrict anyone from cooperating with the Free Medics or hanging out. It is for official recruitment. 


You don't need to join us to help us.

Usually we are on Teamspeak. If you need assistance you can call out using the "radio" which is a PM or TS comm.

If you are a bandit, or part of a bandit clan, try to leave us be.

Robbing us doesn't get you high end gear. We will always comply, and try to roleplay a little bit.

We will not kill you no matter how much you provoke us.


Dean of Medicine

Dr. Nikolai Osaka

Dr. Brandon  Tallent


Johnny Hotwire

 Alex Fletcher


Jere Alander

Edward Larkin



Othuyeg Tribble




(Associates and other allies are individuals or clans that aid us and can call upon us at any time for assistance in their work.)

(We have high respect for them, and will help them with anything they desire.)



(Hostiles are not enemies of us, but to us.)

(These groups have no respect towards us for some reason they attack us at their will, rob us too often, and generally kill our people.)

(We (FM) do not retaliate to these of course but will simply avoid them. )

(We point them out here so fellow medics can ID them better and avoid them if possible.)

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Brian and his troop have returned! :D

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Guest neom

This group was made for standalone so glad you guys are brining it over, final someone can teach menin game how the hell to use the medical stuff

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Welp... I just volunteered to join another group...But I must rejoin. Oh my. In any case.


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Was expecting a Red Cross sort of things with all the FMs. But hey, the Medics are back in business. :)

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Oh well time to loot the hospitals again and check how to use the damn things.

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Looks great, very valuable service to Chernarus for sure. I'll see about donating medical supplies if I ever come across some.

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Brian have returned! :D

Oh no. :troll:

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Have been gone, see this, feel happy somehow.

It's still alive. :3

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Have been gone, see this, feel happy somehow.

It's still alive. :3


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Nice to see a Mod clan adapted for SA

Good luck

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wow! just love this !

sure is a plot-builder...

You smell new.

I think you need a history lesson on Prud, Priests and mushrooms.

It will make sense afterwards. :D

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It's really cool to see a group that concentrate on helping people.

Seriously; this is really great. Good luck to you guys!

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Wait Wait wait. I must ask. Will I be getting veteran medic status again?

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Wait Wait wait. I must ask. Will I be getting veteran medic status again?




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