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Jim´s backstory

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At the first rumors of the outbrake, the Swedish government decided that they needed eyes on ground zero.

Me and five others were hand picked out of R.R.U (Rapid Reaction Unit) to babysit a group of four scientists.

Our orders were simple :1 Land at north west airfield :2 Escort cargo (the scientists) to Stary Sobor.

As usual on these kinds of missions we operated on a "need to know basis".

Apparently they did not think we needed to know that we were landing our Herkules in a warzone.

The plane had barely touched ground before we were approached by a large group of,

what I later came to realise, bandits from one of the bigger groups controling the area.

We were told to to exit the airplane unarmed and lie down on the ground.

Heavily outnumbered we had no choice but to do as we were told.

The bandit clan seemed very exited and happy about their new Herkules, not that we could understand what they where saying,but cheers and ak fire to the sky tells it all.

Not ten seconds later the cheers died out and were replaced by shouts of panic.

They were screaming something to eachother and instead of shooting the sky they were now shooting in all directions around them.

Laying face down in the high grass we had no clue what was going on. Their screams were very soon drowned by the sound of something that was definitely not human, and a lot larger in number.

Realising our captor were no longer watching us, I decided to stand up and have a look, and before my brain even had prossesed what my eyes were seeing, i could hear myself screeming in panic "RUN EVRYBODY JUST RUN!"

I must have been running a kilometer before even slowing down to see who was still with me. Exept for a couple of those "things" maybe fifthy meters behind me, all the comotion seemed to be centerd around the Herkules.

After days of hiding,running and trying to find any "living" soul, I stumbled upon a campfire one night. I could from a distance see atleast 4 people around it.

To tired, hungry and dehydrated to give a fuck, I just went right up to them and introduced myself. Aparently they where some kind of rangers, dedicated to help survivors.

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