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Aleksandr Kresnov - Backstory

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// Just submitted this for the new whitelist app, I would like to know what anyone else here thinks of it.

Aleksandr Kresnov; born in the town of Nizhnedevitsk, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Russia.

From a young age in his life, Aleksandr had a passionate interest for the likes of the military, brought up in a poor area with little education - most jobs of industrial or agricultural work in the area never really satisfied his taste.

Despite the lack of education, Alek proved to be a rather intelligent person at the core. He liked the idea of rising up, being something meaningful in the world - exceeding the standards of the area, being something more than what anyone around him could imagine.

Serving his country in the armed forces sufficed in giving that feeling of pride.

Setting out to fulfil his aspirations, Alek enlisted in the Soviet Union Military as soon as he could, travelling far to the Western side of Russia. Partaking in intense training, insisting every task was completed helping out with administration duties wherever possible, befriending officers lead many to recognise the capabilities of Aleksandr, becoming quite the figure and eventually being put onto an extended training course via orders of a highly ranked officer. After months, Alek was visited by a very well presented, yet shady looking person with many medals clipped to his uniform. He claimed to be Fyodor Malikov, leader of S-GRU Company 47 - elite Special Forces, who proceeded to tell Alek he had been selected to join the company and had just finished training.

Company 47 used the same ranking system as the Soviet Union, internally however, with its own twists. As just a private and no other real world experience on the forefront, Alek was dispatched on his first mission with a lot to uphold, having proven a very able soldier in training.

The mission was extraction; flying out to Azerbaijan in order to secure doctor and scientist Dr Junhad Habib for compulsory work in S-GRU. Many things happened on the mission, things a man could never forget concepts of living and dead toyed with and strained. Despite what seemed to be an upcoming apocalyptic hell; Alek showed excellent performance - with a few outstanding tasks he was not particularly proud of - he earned the trust and respect of all those in the Company at the time. Upon getting in the air after mission success, Fyodor Malikov insisted on an instant promotion to Senior Praporshchik (Senior Warrant Officer), making Aleksandr Kresnov the highest ranking non-commissioned officer in Company 47.

After that mission, Company 47 became much like a family to Alek. As the group continued to take on and succeed with more missions, he knew that life had gone well, that he finally made it to being someone who could make an impact on the world, and that through whatever happened he would stick by and do everything in his power to help his comrades.

Today, after many feats and already previously being in Chernarus, Alek - along with the rest of S-GRU Company 47 have been reinstated to the on-going mission in Chernarus. To disarm civilians of military grade weaponry, to ensure the ways of the motherland are correctly reflected, and to deal with the infection and the menace it causes.

Alek will not often be seen on the front line or out on patrol with Company 47, it is more likely he will be out of the way, gathering intelligence, sorting out media or attempting communication with the Kremlin.

//I've never thought myself to be any good at writing stories, so any feedback is appreciated :)

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