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Mrbling21's back story

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At the age of 14 i was learning about how cars work and basic English in cherno, i was walking home and everything changed (after the fire nation attacked, jokes.) i saw people running from the power plant screams and terror i got into my ATV and drove to my father house in Nadezhdino i walked into the house to find my fathers body on the floor with his intestines hanging out i grabbed the keys for our UAZ and gathered basic supplies and drove into the forest. 2 days had passed and nothing the Russian weather was harsh on me and survival was on the downside it was around 2pm when it all changed i came across a older survivor named governor i still don't know were he came from but it was a miracle, he had plenty of fuel and we set of to the northern airfield to try and get out of the hell but nobody came there alone, forever. but every cloud has a silver lining and a bunch of elders they called themselves the rising freeborn's took us under there wing and geared us up and lead us to victory, i have had breath moments with the dreaded "S-GRU" and have list a finger to there imperial force whilst trying to get my bus back to the camp, i head to the north west and the north east to use the radios, but escape feels low and its just another day every day in the life of Mrbling21

Not the best just made it as i was bored hope you enjoy =D

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