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[IMPORTANT] Standalone Troubleshooting FAQ

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Troubleshooting FAQ

Before posting a new troubleshooting thread, please read over these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) as it may contain the help you need for your troubleshooting errors. Often enough, your questions/issues have already been solved and this FAQ is to ensure you can access answers easily without the hassle of creating a new thread.

If you have read over the below details and your issue isn't listed, feel free to create a new thread explaining your issue in detail so Staff or Community Members can assist you in solving them.

If you have a question that isn't related to the game, please read the standard FAQ found here.

FAQ Index

  1. Direct Communication Errors
  2. "Not Whitelisted"
  3. Server Crashes
  4. Pass-Phrase
  5. "Blurred Screen"
  6. FPS Issues
  7. BattlEye Installation Failed
  8. Game Crashes on Start-Up
  9. Sharing IP - Connection Issue
  10. DayZRP Server - Saving to Favorites
  11. DayZRP servers are 'offline'

1. Direct Communication Errors

You are unable to speak or type to other players while in-game.



Before launching the game, double check to make sure your microphone is plugged into the appropriate sound jacks. If it's plugged into the wrong one, you'll be unable to use Direct Comms while in-game.

If you don't have a functioning microphone, make sure you have a headset or regular earphones plugged into their appropriate sound jacks. This will allow you to type to other players while in-game.


There is currently a glitch that disables all communications upon exiting a vehicle. The best way to fix this issue is to relog.

2. "Not Whitelisted" Error

Every time you attempt to join the DayZRP game servers you receive a kick message explaining that you -are not- whitelisted.


1. You have not attempted the whitelist application. That can be found here

3. Sudden Server Crashes

You're playing on the DayZRP game servers and they suddenly crash.


Unfortunately, the DayZ Standalone servers are not hosted by Rolle. Therefore, we cannot control when the server crashes unexpectedly. The only thing to be suggested is that you wait until the server has come back up.

4. "Pass-Phrase"

You're having issues finding the Pass-Phrase in the rules.


Re-read over the Standalone rules found here.

~ Make sure you're reading every word -out loud- to yourself.

~ Read the rules because you want to know them. Don't skim over the text.

~ Read every rule twice before moving on to the next.

~ You'll notice the Pass-Phrase as soon as you read it.

5. "Blurred Screen" Error

You're playing in-game and your screen looks blurry.


1. Go into your game's video options and it will go away. Disable 'Post Processing' to stop it from reoccurring.

2. Fix your rendering resolutions to whatever is most comfortable for you.

6. FPS Issues

You're having FPS issues while playing.


1. Play around with your game settings so it isn't causing issues for your PC.

2. Have a read of Moxy's FPS guide for Standalone. That can be found here

7. BattlEye Installation Failed

You're trying to launch the game (or you've been kicked from the game) and your BattlEye Installation has failed.


1. Delete the BattlEye files in your DayZ directory.

Here's the path needed to find your files;

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\DayZ\BattlEye

Once you've deleted the files inside of your BattlEye folder run Steam as Administrator and disable your firewall while it re-installs the files.

2. Repeat step 1 but instead of allowing Steam to re-install the files, you can do it manually.

You can check the available downloads for BattlEye here.

3. Open up the spoiler below which has details to a fix;


> Type into windows search "Services"


> Click on it and look for "Battleye Service"


> Right click then select properties

> Look for "Start up type" and put it to disabled


> Click apply then launch DayZ

This may work, I have a similar error with my battleye 

Note: The first time you join a server it may bring up a notification saying "Do you agree with the BattlEye terms and conditions?" just click agree and it will take you into the server (It may back you out but just quickly rejoin)

(Thanks to Hatch for the last fix)

8. Game Crashes on Start-Up

You're trying to launch DayZ but it closes almost instantly, disallowing you to play the game.


1. Verify your game cache through Steam.

2. Have a look over this troubleshooting forum made by Microsoft.

~ Found here.

3. Swap the game from one Hard-drive to another.

~ For example; Moving it from your E drive to your C drive.

4. Wipe the drives, re-install Windows, re-install the game.

Note: The 4th option should be your very last resort.

9. Sharing IP - Connection Issue

You share your IP address with someone else and you cannot connect to the DayZRP servers at the same time.



  • In steam, right click on the game and go to "properties"
  • On the "general" tab, click the button to "set launch options"
  • On the end of the launch options, add a space followed by "-port=52302" (with no quotes)
  • Set every client to use a different port.

By default the game is set to use port 2302. The game also uses the ports 2 and 3 numbers higher than the designated port (ie. 2304 and 2305 if the designated port is 2302). So make sure the numbers you use are at separated by at least 4. It is safest to use ports over 49151. I would suggest using 52302, 52312, 52322, 52332, 52342 etc. One client can keep using the default.


  • Enable UpnP on your router
  • Enable port forwarding on your router, and forward the chosen port for each computer to that computers IP.
  • Restart your router
  • Update your router firmware (moderately tricky)
  • Get a new router

Credits go out to this thread for having the issue's solutions listed.

10. DayZRP Servers - Saving to Favorites

You are having issues saving the DayZRP server to your favorites.



You cannot add the DayZRP server to your favorites if you're connecting via 'Remote'.

One of the best way to add our servers to your favorites is by filtering 'DayZ' and search through the list until you find our servers.


Another option is to remote connect to all of our servers and load into the game. This will add them to the 'History' tab in your server list section. From there, you can add the servers to your favorites individually.

11. DayZRP servers are offline

The DayZRP servers are shown as 'offline' both on the forum home page, or in the game's server list.


There isn't one. However, there are two scenarios in which the servers may be down.


The servers are down for maintenance. This usually lasts a few hours and come back online after the Developers have done their weekly checks.


The servers are having technical issues. This is more then likely on the server hosting side. If this is the issue, they'll get fixed as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that this FAQ will continue to be updated.

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