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Walshy Backstory

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I was a runaway criminal hiding in Chernarus from the British and international authorities. I had decided to live my life quietly from this point on as I had earned enough money through my robberies, deceit and murders to last me a lifetime.

I had bought a house in Zelenogorsk as I needed to escape the noisy busy lifestyle of the bigger cities nearby, I used some of my ill gotten gains to purchase myself a black limo and take a trip towards the airfields to see if I could buy myself a helicopter to view this beautiful country from the air. As I got further north I saw less and less people and some wreckage and debris on the road, I decided to turn around and start heading home as it was all far to weird for me.

As I turn my car around I noticed someone running towards me, it seems my car had attracted their attention so I waited to have a conversation with them but as they got closer I saw there was more then one. The more I looked around the more people I see running towards me, as they get closer they are covered in blood and have a violent vacant look in their eyes. I start to drive off and they continue to follow me so I speed up until they are but dots on my rear view mirror.

Slightly disturbed by what I had seen I speed towards Zelenogorsk but as I get closer I realize there are what seem to be objects laying in the fields and by the sides of the road. As I continue I see an object sat in the middle of the road so I decide to investigate, I get out of the car but leave the engine running and slowly edge towards the object. As I get closer the object seems to have a shape that is recognizable but still unsure I move ever closer, suddenly features start to appear that can only be associated with the body of a human body. All of a sudden there is a noise to my right and I see a blood covered man running towards me screaming, I turn and run towards the car, he gains on me slightly but I manage to get into the car and lock the doors just as he starts to smash at my windows damaging them. I smash down the accelerator and speed of and not stopping until I finally hit Zelenogorsk. There are bodies all over town but it seems eerily quiet. I park the car away from my house and slowly walk quietly towards it.

I see the door getting closer and closer and it seems safety is within my grasp. I open the door and bolt it behind me and sit at the table with my head in my hands pondering all the things I had seen in the past few hours and realize that moving here wasn't such a good idea. The atrocities I had committed before that I had come here to escape from and forget are nothing in comparison to these new horrors.

The skills I had hoped to forget may be the only thing that could save my life and help me survive the horror contained in the world outside my doors.

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BMGs Backstory - "Boringgggggg."

This is my backstory and has nothing to do with BMG so please keep it out of my thread please.

Not long enough.

You dun goofed.

Looks good.

Yeah my writing skills arent the best when I'm tired lol I will bulk it out some more with details and events when I have more time on my hands and I am more rested lol

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I'll say, for being the enemy of everyone (just like the other bandit clans), I'll have to say this is a rather good backstory here. I just found out I entered the douchetown of DayZRP...

Not going to lie I'm half asleep and don't understand what you mean by this lol

Must not play DayZRP.....I must sleep lol

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