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[Char. Backstory] Gienkovic

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Ok so I have recently finished writing my backstory for a new whitelist application and after writing it, I tought I can write it here. It's a short story of my character, from born to losing father then moving to Chernogorsk looking for job cause of sick mother and a lack of money too. It's full of grammatical errors and I am very sorry about that. Anyway, here is my story:

It was 8th of March, 1993. I was born in Novigrad, South West from Chernarus. My father died before I was born, I didn't even knew him. I have only got one photo of him, cause family album was stolen. So i was left with my mother, she named me Gienkovic, such a Russian name. Katiana (my mother) had family in Miroslavl, just about 15km from Chernogorsk. We have moved soon as she got war grants cause of dead father. I have grown up there and finished school. After my 18 birthsday my mother got very sick and nobody knew what type of disease that was. She needed special treatments and we were almost out of money so I had to leave her in Miroslavl and start looking for a job. One day my friend from Chernogorsk called me and told me that they need people to work in hydro-electric power plants there. We had electrician classes in school so I told him:

- Ok I take this job.

Just like that cause I was in very hard situation too and I needed a lot of money to help my mother.

I have told my mother about finding a job and she was glad about that. Next day I was at Chernogorsk finally. I have met my friend in a famous hotel built on victory square. He rent a flat for me there. The hotel building was so huge that I was little scared to look down from my floor. My workplace was located at a great hydro-electric power plant near Elektrozavodsk. That power plant was providing energy for almost all Chernogorsk area. It was my dream job.


One day three quarters of staff didn't attend at work. Cause of that there was a serious systems failure and a following things have happened:

First there was a blackout at whole facility so we had to use flashlights to see each other, there wasn't many people cause of staff absence but we still were tripping on each other before we got some flashlights. Batteries were full and we all turned them on. We went to system control room and we saw it for first time. On the floor there was lying our boss, with half-eaten chest and visible bones on every limb. We were all in shock when we saw that. It was terrible view. Suddenly, his limbs started to make small moves, then he was saying something we could not understand, something like "rargh! arrrrgh!". Then he standed on his bloody legs and started to come at us. We started to run to the exit, stumbling on each other again cause of hurry. There was so dark here. When we opened main doors, we saw a picture of a thousands of people travelling slowly from Elektrozavodsk to Chernagorsk propably. Everyone but me started to run to the people, and I saw a scene of them being chased by those people. They were quickly overrun and I think they all died here. There was thousands of not people but zombies. I had to think quickly what to do and what not to do now. I have came back to the power plant and found a hatchet here. Suddenly my dead boss started to run at me from the dark. I have quickly found him with my flashlight and I have hit him straight in his head, cutting it in half also and I got covered in blood. My heart was beating so fast and hard. I knew something bad happened. I had to survive, so I went to the forest nearby and stayed there for a while. Forest were quiet and so peaceful. I could see some rabbits running there and even some deers. From my point of view I could see all Elektrozavodsk. The horde moved further west to the Chernogorsk. I felt sorry for people in Chernogorsk, I knew what were coming for them but I couldn't do anything. Suddenly someone sneaked up from behind. He was armed with a WW2 carbine, he told me that there is no time to stay here and we need to get something from market and go further into less populated areas,[...] we have grabbed some food from market and I've got my first weapon in hands, an Winchester Model 1897, with some ammo for it too. We were in barn at that time and suddenly a zed managed to run in here and attacked my newly met friend. He got beaten few times before i've managed to kill that zombie and I even had to end his suffer, he wanted me to kill him, I did what he was asking for, before dying he told me to run North if I want to survive for a while, I did that.

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