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My savior, Jack the photographer

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It was a miracle. For the nth time, I was on the verge of dehydration. I really thought it was it for me. Krasnostav would have been my dying place. As I look around, I remember this was the place I met this guy name Jack, and his buddy Steve. Things seemed to be looking up back then. before the robbing. before the constant memory gaps..... before the nightmare (I'm exaggerating!).

Well anyways, not more than 2 minutes of imagining the 2 survivors, I see another person at the supermarket. my heart went south. I thought it was a bandit. Turns out it was JACK.

I couldn't call it anything else other than fate. To meet with him again, in the same city, at the exact same supermarket we met first. I couldn't call it anything else.

He saved my life again, just as he did last time we met.

Because of him, I was able to live long enough to find all my appropriate gear to become an animal hunter.

I owe my life (and then some) to Jack. If it weren't for him, I'd have perished long ago in some ditch. If I was feeling especially Bold, I would have end my life myself!

If anyone meet Jack the Photographer (well, ex Photographer) rest assured that he has your back!


I had a lot of fun Roleplaying with Jack. It was really surprising to meet him again in the exact same situation. I would definitely Roleplay with him again.

These were one of my first experience roleplaying, and I had a lot of fun! can't wait for more action

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