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Weldons wasteland stories....

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I woke up on a stretcher with a black blanket covering me. I slowly sat up and removed the blanket and as i look around it was quiet. I was currently in some sort of a tent, perhaps a military or red cross tent, i couldnt tell. I was not aware of for how long i had been sleeping but it felt like i was awoken for the first time.

I found my clothes on a pile in the tent and started to dress. Still there were noone around as i could see, strange perhaps outside. I took my first steps outside the tent and i felt the summer breze and i look around in my surroundings but i still couldnt see anyone. I must be up early was my thought but i felt abit anxious as i peek at the sun through my fingers. Passing by another tent i saw someone, must be a nurse or perhaps a doctor.

- Excuse me i am abit lost could you help me. As soon as the words had left my mouth the character turned around. It was something wrong with her face and her clothes were soaked in blood. It took no more then a second and it started to run against me in full speed. I paniced and did not know if i should run or just stand there.

It came closer and closer then i saw a crowbar lying on a work bench, i picked it up and in the next second i smashed it into the characters head. It feel hard to the ground and made wierd twitching. What had happen to her why did she attack me and what had happen to her body. But there were no time to think as i heard more foul sounds and running feets coming closer. Come on Weldon dont just stand here, do something, run. I started to run back to the tent were i woke up and grabbed a backpack and a flashlight and ran out in the daylight.

[[Weldon is a computer technician whose company was hired to setup a new WAN in Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk. In the beginning of the outbreak he was in a car crash driving home from work. Being in coma for the most of the time likly spared his life as the zombie rampage torn the country apart. He got no clear survival or weapon skills so he will pick up and learn along the way. One could call him a casual guy like most people, trying to adapt in a new harsh world.]]

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I have linger in this glade for a week now, the hunger begins to make itself felt now. It is hard to find anything at all to eat. Soon i have to get into that barn down the hill. Even if it means putting myself in danger of the dead. Or are they dead these creatures, monsters, things. Im glad that water is nearby, but i cant tell if the water is pure or polluted. I have no choice but to drink it to stay alive.

The inevitable comes closer i need to continue to travel along as i cannot survive here in the long run. Its getting colder and it feels like i have a fever i am not sure if it is from the water or the lack of food. But where shold i go, east to elektro perhaps there is a refuge camp near the docks.

Or north to the airport, yes that seems reasonable the military probably holds it to evacuate survivors. Or could one hope for any safety in this wastelands. Tomorrow i will inspect the barn perhaps there are something eatable to find. But for now lets just sleep...

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My eyes opened and i felt dizzy but not as warm from fever as yesterday. It was a cloudy day but it felt warmer then the day before. I sat up and looked around, the glade was still peaceful and quiet one could hear the birds sing. I felt hungry but the only thing left to eat was a third of a chocolate bar and some gum.

Today i have to make a decision and that was to scavenge the barn close by. I had been scouting it for some days now but hadnt the will or courage to go to close as the dead had been roaming around it.

It almost seems like they are attached to it in some way which i cant explain. I gathered my gear and put the backpack on my back and crept closer, no dead in sight.

Slowly i got closer to an entrance of the barn and i stopped just before entering to listen but i heard nothing. I stept inside and looked around in the barn still no sight of them. On the wall a hunting crossbow was hanging with a quiver of bolts next to it. I stretched to grab it but by accident i kicked a shovel that fell to the floor. Instantly i heard the foul sound from a dead one. Quickly now Weldon load the crossbow, my hands fumbled as i tried to load the weapon and the creature crept closer. As it almost grabbed me the bolt went off hitting the head of the dead one.

I stood a few seconds before i kicked it to see if it was still alive but it made no movements. So they can be killed it seems. I turned my head around to see if i attracted anymore of them but it was quiet. I went through the barn and found some more items that seemed useful. The former inhabitants must have been a hunter of some sort as besides the crossbow i found a knife, matches, compass, map and dried meat. Finally something to eat i have never been to happy to see food.

I decided to head out to the city of Elektrogorsk by judging of my location checking the map it was close by. My hopes were that some sort of a rescue center or survivors could be found there. I pulled out the last bolt from the dead head and headed out of the barn.

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I saw smoke in the clear distance and as i got close i saw shattered bodies lying everywhere. Accourding to the map i was close to Prigorodki. It was here that the outpost were said to be. I walked among the bodies lying on the road and all i could hear was the noise from the flies buzzing. The closer i got the fouler the stench became and i had to mask my face to avoid vomit. There were no signs of anyone alive. It seems my luck was as usual, not good at all.

Could i expect anyone but myself to be alive, am i the last living person in the land of the dead. What hopes of being rescued or brought to safty. Burnt out military vehicles lined the road, so not even the army could stop it. I took my backback off and sat down leaning against an electrical pole with the feeling to give it all up. I looked up and saw a piece of paper above me and i stood up and read it. A small light of hope started to fill me even if the written note was a tragic one.

I took a sip of water from my canteen and wiped off the sweat drips from my forehead. The decision was to continue traveling east or head north. At least here was fresh signs but still death to be faced. Perhaps north i was not entirely sure. I walked up the hill near the forrest edge and climed an oak tree and tied myself to it. Because i learn that sleeping on the ground was not safe anymore, but then again what was these days.

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