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Dayz mod removed?


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Hi! Sorry in advance if this thread has already been made but i couldn't find another thread that said this. I've been away for some time and I just came back and was wondering if the DayzRP ARMA II MOD has been removed? I saw a thread that explained that it will still be up but wont be the main focus, but the thread was made iwhile ago and I looked on the server and it was .

Thanks :)

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  • Emerald

We will have an Epoch Namalsk server in December, running on ArmA 2, but Chernarus is dead for now, because people moved on to Standalone.


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  • Emerald

Sad to say the Mod server was shut down as the community's focus has been on the SA servers for a while. We should however be having a Namalsk Epoch RP server up soon.

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  • MVP

Namalsk Epoch mod will be up ASAP for this month, and Epoch ARMA 3 is new too!

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