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Agnieszka (Chapter 1)

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Chapter 1: The calling.

She enjoyed the feeling of fresh air and damp grass against her skin. Together with the sound of birds singing and the sight of a butterfly carefully landing on a flower, it made her feel gloomy. The sun stood high and illuminated the contrast that she now saw before her. One part of the land was beautiful, unmarked by men, the hills and forests filled with living creatures who didn’t have the slightest of worries. The other part was quite ugly, a small crater scarred the field, surround by a dark stain, which in turn was surrounded by men who weren’t capable of worrying anymore. A well placed claymore took care of their worrying some time earlier. Some yards next to them lay more men, some showing dark stains on their bodies or the grass on which they fell dead. The colors of this side of the land was not so much like a forest palette, but more like emptying a blood bag in a stream of piss and shit.

‘Shit’. She whispered.

Something caught her eye. One of the dead men may be not so dead after all. The man lying next to her lowered his rangefinders.

“Better be quick about it, we need to relocate.”

She replied with another curse and unwrapped the package like a child would tear open his long awaited Christmas presents. The difference was that this present was already used, the warmth and smell coming from it betrayed it was used without constraint. She took the SVD from the package with both hands, feeling the familiar weight, and wedged it between the two rocks in front of her. She looked at the leaves while grabbing a fresh magazine from one of her pockets.

“No wind, 800 meters, elevation at -16.” Boris said calmly.

Her breath was steady and she found the struggler through her scope. She adjusted the magnification to see his face clearly. She estimated him about 20 years old with the looks of a true Chernarussian. His face betrayed he was a rookie, probably on his first raid, soon to be his last. He did impress her though. Finding enough courage to crawl to a weapon, after witnessing half his comrades being ripped apart by a landmine and the other half being picked off like hunter game by yours truly. His rifle was close by, a few yards more, but he was getting slower as he came closer. She noticed a large red stain on his back: Her mark. Boris noticed it too.

“He’s bleeding out.” Boris said. “I’ll bet you two rations that he passes out before he touches the rifle.”

“Deal” She said.

They observed the young man as he struggled to close the gap between him and his rifle, between winning and losing two rations. A few times it seemed like she’d lose, but she cheered when his fingers touched the rifle, followed by Boris’ grunting when he passed out immediately after.

“Was that your stomach complaining about two rations he won’t get?” She smiled to him.

“It was close, but you won fairly. Remind me not to bet with you again, Sergeant.” He replied.

“It’s alright, you keep the rations and think about how generous I am. You see, the dark color of the bloodstain indicates liver puncture. I shot him about 20 minutes ago, which would leave him with at least 10 more minutes of blood enough to stay conscious. I guess he just passed out earlier because he moved too much, which made you almost win the bet.” She explained him.

“Hmph, I didn’t notice the color of his blood. Red is red.” Boris grunted.

“That’s why details are everything Boris. Without details, you are lost in a world of—“

The knife was unexpected. And so was the smile on Boris’ face when he pulled it out of her side.

She opened her mouth to say something, but she fell to her knees and face down in the dirt. She coughed up blood in the dirt and inhaled it back again, her lungs filling with a mixture of blood and dirt. She tried to get up, but someone was pressing her head into the dirt with his boot.

‘Boris.. You.. Why..?’ She thought.

She felt the boot on her head moving a little. He was laughing, but his voice changed into a long scream of terror and pain. She felt a wetness taking over her body, as if she was being slowly dropped into ice water. Then she heard Boris one last time.

“You killed me.” he whispered.

She woke up.

“Just a nightmare” She told herself as she hugged herself.

“Oh, I think your nightmare has just begun”.

She looked up, startled by the sudden voice. A man stood in front of her bed. In her house. Behind him stood three other men, fully in black, wearing masks and holding AK47’s.

“Why are you-”

“Get your shit together” He said firmly, showing her the patch on his shoulder.

“Your resignation has been withdrawn by the Kapitán. We have orders to bring you to the Kremlin.”

He ordered his men to turn around as she stood up from her bed, naked.

“Better put on some warm clothing, Sergeant. I don’t want you to freeze before we get there.”

He threw her a red beret.

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He ordered his men to turn around as she stood up from her bed, naked.

Sexual RP?

Just joking, nice read ;)

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