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Quick question about Hostage non-compliance


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Say someone disrespects your friend. If I take them at gunpoint in the name of my friends honor, and command them to apologize, is their refusal to apologize grounds to kill?

I mean, obviously I would not kill the guy if he does comply, I just want to know how far my right to punish non-compliance goes.

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If you give somebody an order and a aggressive consequence for not complying with that order you -can- shoot them.

Eg. Drop your weapon or I'll shoot you!!

- They don't drop their weapon.

- You can shoot them.

Always try to let people RP out a situation, even if they don't comply and its "legal" to kill them does that mean you should? Depends if they are a threat or not.

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Unless he is continuously being rude, or he doesn't comply, then no. If somebody makes one rude comment, it isn't grounds for execution. People sometimes take insults too far. Realistically, would you ever really consider killing somebody just for being rude?

What you can do, however, is rough him up quite a bit, and send him on his way with a strict warning. If it is something that he continuously does, that is a different story.


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