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"True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to server others at whatever cost." -Arthur Ashe

About Us

Vigilance was a group created years before the outbreak had even begun to take shape; the exact date of its creation is unknown, even by some of its most prestigious members. Vigilance is the people, the voice in the light or the blade in the dark. This group has one focus; preserve peace. Expose corruption to the people, as they believe all should be aware of what goes on.


Picture taken by a agent in New York, the Enforcers name is unknown.

Vigilance before the outbreak were considered a form of 'Anonymous' group. There have been small reports of men and women dressed in matching, dark attire, apparently acting as 'Vigilantes' of their hometowns. These people have been rumored bringing justice and exposing corruption in the governments they live with, however no solid evidence, or accused persons, have been brought forth.


Graffiti created by unknown artist in Brazil

When reports of strange new diseases had begun to arise in Chernarus, a single Vigilance agent was dispatched to understand more about the disease. When the agent had never reported back in time, and news began to quickly spread in Chernarus about the dangerous new infection, an abundance of agents were sent out to set up some form of stronghold before the rest of the world had officially shut down its borders from commercial traffic. Today, Vigilance works to find ways around this border in order to find a escape route for any trapped survivors in the area.


Carib sitting on top of the International Hotel overlooking Chernogorsk before it was devastated by the plane crash.

Randomers are rarely recruited, due to the very nature of how careful this group is with containing anonymity. Vigilance is a group that doesn't want its name to be spread, because then the people would look up to them for help, and not to themselves. It would defy the very nature this group has had for years. On top of all, it requires a certain amount of physical strength and endurance to perform the daily duties of a standard field Enforcer.


  • Preserve anonymity.
  • Take care of others before we concern ourselves.
  • Extinguish the threat of the undead.


Vigilance is friendly, and will remain friendly with any survivor they come across. These men and women have vowed never to harm another unless you, or they, are put in harms way. They believe that the only real threat here are the Zombies and the ones that use this chaos to there advantage. This includes murderers and violent looters, bandits aiming to become feared or respected among the land.




Skype (Optional):



How your character got in Vigilance:

Additional Info:

[align=right]Do note, this is a early draft of the clan and clan concept, things like

Background and thread layout are subject to change.

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Hype but good to see you boys are back in SA :)

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Looks gooooooooood :D Best of luck!

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