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The story of Prophet

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I am a ex mercenary out of Canada. Trained in stealth, marksmanship and CQB. Was stationed in Takistan for patrols and to help out with the locals. But then one day, I got heard a noise in a house nearby a valley and went to investigate. To my surprise there was a thing.. It was crawling on the ground and looked human, but I wasn't sure.

(Nothing like I'd seen growing up in Saskatchewan, Canada on the farms) There was a child holding a gun to its head and said "Im sorry" and pulled the trigger, he then turned the gun on himself. I radioed in backup and they alerted a doctor, and he said that it was a virus started in a place called Chernarus, and that peaked my interest. A friend of mine was stationed there and it made me think of him.

Told my boss I wanted to learn more about this and go to Chernarus and see how bad this "VIRUS" is.

When i arrived, it was more than I bargained for.

There was one town, called Cherno one man I met said, it was east of where I was dropped off. Quickly, I ran to the town hoping to find info on my friend. But, was it was in vain. I saw, what must have been 60 of those.. things chasing a woman down and ripping her flesh. That very moment I heard something, like a motor. Looked up and then was a chopper coming in. I waved my flare around in the dark sky hoping to get their attention, but that did not help. The meat eaters ran to me, and I panicked, threw the flare towards the forest and ran for my life.

WIthout knowing, I attracted the attention of what others called "Bandits". Apparently the bandits were affiliated with the SDS. What happened was, I ran into the town, screaming for help and then suddenly I was yelled at to drop my bag, and hatchet I had on me to make fires. As they were telling me to do so, I was shivering, lowering my belongings to the road. They left me with nothing. They fired some rounds off and in came more of those things. After running for my life for 10 mins, cutting through buildings, hiding behind cars, I heard a voice. Three men appeared out of the darkness and began opening fire and told me to run.

So I ran.

And after they caught up, they told me they were a newly formed task force, helping people and showing them the way in the wastes. They were the Scout Recon Force. They handed me a M1911 and said follow us.

We met up with medics, well, they are called the Free Medics. They are generally friendly with most people, and they fixed me up, and was given a place to rest for a while.

One of the medics, Broseph they called him, told me stories of North America and about his travels. We became close and after consideration over a few weeks I joined the SRF so I could perhaps one day find my friend, and if not, I have people to rely on. And help the ones in need.

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