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Guest Kenny

Dayzrp Standalone

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Guest Kenny

i cant wait to play on the standalone so excited

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Good luck with your whitelisting

/Moving to introductions and farewells

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Guest GreenGod

Good luck on your whitelist! Be sure to do as much research as you can before sending it, remember you only get three chances!

Also please keep in mind that your account will be thrown away if you do not post at least once and or donate to the server, posts in this section and forum games do not count.

Just a few quick links for you:

If you ever want to see examples of what not to do here I suggest checking out the Formal Reports this will give you an idea on how staff view certain instances and conflicts.

A list of staff can be found here: If you ever have any questions dont be afraid to bug them in the help desk. Be warned staff frown on you questioning their decisions. You're best bet is to tread softly.

Assorted guides to read while you wait on your whitelist:

Bobcat's Survival guide

A quick video showing you the basic do's and do nots of RP

If you have problems lagging and need an FPS boost check this out

A bit more of in depth guide of do's and don'ts

I'm going to try not to bog you down with links but so ill just give you a few and let you explore yourself.

Lonely? Need a group? Find one that fits your OOC personality and IC personality!


Events Sometimes Staff and or regular community members will decide to plan some large event or something small but either way its always a blast, I would highly suggest checking it out! You never know what you're going to miss!

Whoops you've entered your GUID wrong :/ no problem just post here to be able to change it.

If you're unable to find your GUID just click Here its best to either A.Screenshot it or B.Use some other picture taking device such as the camera on your phone if it is in your means to use it.

NEVER put your GUID anywhere on the forums and only PM it to staff members if it is directly requested. Always note the staff members name and rank for your records in case any problems arrive.

With that said best of luck to you Kenny its a harsh landscape out there and not all of us make it.

Be sure to keep your Parka bunched up it gets cold at night time!


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