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I am back but need help

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So a bit ago i was trying to get whitelisted but did not now i have come back since there is a standalone server and want to applie again but im confused has to were or in which part of the rule is the pass phrase in and i also want to know whats new xD

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The passphrase is somewhere in the mod-rules (as the standalone-rules are not finished yet) and you'll have to read out the rules word by word to find it.

Whats new?

- DayZRP Chernarus Server is offline now.

- DayZRP Epoch Namalsk will be released at some date in December.

- We got 2 Standalone servers, one in the US and one in UK.

- ArmA 3 EpochRP just went live today.

Hope I answered your questions.

See you around.

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Guest Vittoria

The pass-phrase is in the DayZRP mod rules, and you'll know it when you see it :)

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