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Random Hero's Tattered Journal

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((Hey guys. I'm planning on starting a Journal for my character like many of you have also. Im not a college degree writer or anything, they may be plot holes and questionable info. oh and dont hold back on the critique. I'll be starting this Journal once the server resets and whipes and I make it to Willow Lake. If Random Hero dies due to RP universe (not bugs or glitches), he will never come back and I will be forced to start a new character. Expect Day 1 to come by, the day of or after the whipe and mod release. The journal entries will also cover the events of the dayZ(lol), no OOC information, no Radio to anyone. I hope you guys enjoy. and to those who are friendly. I hope to see you out there ;)))

Day 1

I woke up on the shore today near Solnichny I was on my way to my Date from Elektro and Really had to take a nap for the night near some trees. I made my way up the shore and reached Berezino, where i found my self some basic medical supplies and a couple of medical books. As I was looking through some apartment buildings, I heard a truck passing by. It stopped. THe man got out and made his way into the apartment I was in, he scared the hell out of me when i saw the Hunting Rifle he was carrying. While I was looking through the apartment, i found a Winchester and a handful of ammo. Told him to not come forward, but he ssaid he had no ammo so i told him to come in as zombies were up his ass, we hid under neither some beds as they passed by, he said he could give me a lift and i Healed him up abit with what i had learned from the books. As we drove through a field an SUV drove wildly passed us, then turned around and we stopped. The driver screamed out the truck drivers name, and they began to talk in some kind of russian. I was nervous, then we started to follow the black SUV with a few army looking men inside of it. I didnt like where things were going so i told the driver to stop, and that I was not liking where things were going. I ejected out of the vehicle and said good bye as I ran. I finally made it. To where my second marriage to the same women was supposed to be....

*a tear drop is seen at the lower part of the page*

Going to take a nap and hope things work out better tomorrow.

Page 2 Day 1:

I woke up from my nap to find my vehicle gone... screw it. back to sleep.

((zombies ate my face off. new character soon.))

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