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WP appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):



Why the verdict is not fair:

I have maybe spoken once or twice out of turn which is fine and I took the consequences of my actions, but this in my honest opinion..is the most ridiculous and malicious thing I have ever seen in my time here in the dayzrp "community".

I'll explain my pov now step by step so we're clear.

My comment contributing to the report

was at 30-11-2014 17:55. it was not responded too [suspect/staff, it was clear, it was precise.

Clammy's post was there too

30-11-2014 17:45...wasn't answered either.

Then Oldman posted his pov, which is exactly the thing I was thinking of..so I re-quoted it [instead of writing a huge paragraph], because no-one had posted for quite some time..and still to this present moment the report is still open, and no-one has responded since the questions were asked.

Matt posted, kept up to speed with the report, Fantastic.

I was "reiterating" a point made by another person.

For those who are unsure of the definition of the word "Reiterate", links there


So in conclusion, I am being "warned" for something that is part of the concept of posting on the forums, instead of taking up more space, I helped the situation by drawing attention to the questions to which are unanswered....for clarification purposes, [some would even say, I've been told, doing the work of a staff when I'm not even staff] I remain neutral in all reports and everything I post, "it's not about you, it's about whats fair".

I've always kept this in my mind.

So, no reason in my eyes for this action, unnecessary, this is clearly done to take a swing at me..why? I don't know..I'm a nice guy, but if that's the way you wish to portray justice within the forums..okay doke.

There has been a dramatic decline in respect between people within this "community" as of late, I've stated it before publicly/privately, I have no intention of going through such fubar too.

But I will say if people do have ooc issues with me, that's fine, but making me be portrayed as some sort of villain of the community for simply using the initiative...can not accept any type of verbal/formal punishment for that.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:


What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

Removal of 10% no more, no less.

What could you have done better?:

It's best I don't otherwise might be here for a while.

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Appeal Accepted.


After discussing this case we have decided to revoke your points. Your post was irrelavent and frankly added nothing to resolving the report discussion. Oldman's question could have been asked in the questions forum or another venue altogether. You bumping it just exacerbated the issue. This is why the points were originally given.

However, we have decided that there was no negative intent and the infraction was minor enough that a verbal reminder might have been the more appropriate course of action.

What however is objectionable is your attitude in this report. You are being given this chance, if we see this kind of attitude again then you will not be spared and the 3 points we revoked can be given back with interest. Your best bet is to question a decision in a calm and collected manner. The staff team is always willing to revisit its decision, especially when treated with the respect everyone deserves.


Points removed.

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