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Help a new player out

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Hello all,

I stopped playing @ v0.42 on public servers and have came back to 0.5 RP.

Therefore my knowledge is lacking and i hope some of you lovely community members can answer a few questions for me.

1. I notice this server has persistence, and therefore there is a tonn of junk lying around. Does stuff spawn in i.e. fire axe's in fire stations?

2. Where are the weapon hot spots ? i haven't played since v0.42 and back then the NEAF had weapons there but it's been overhauled, the same as balota tents. Is the best place the NWAF ? i hear that helicopter crashes are good place to find weapons, but i don't know where the crash sights are - any info would really help.

3. Where do i find military clothing ?

See you all in game :)

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/moving to questions

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Guest Vittoria

Welcome to the community first off!

To answer the questions:

1. Yeah, if people havn't looted them already

2. Heli crashes are broken right now and don't spawn, but the best places for weapons are: Any residential for civi weapons, and for militirised weapons, head to NWAF, or the few military bases sprinkled around the map.

3 Best place for military clothing right now? NWAF. But, in general you can find it in any military spawn.

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1. I have found fire axes in firestations and wood cutting axes from different shacks. It all depends what kind of building you are entering / looting. But yeah, highly populated areas don't usually have that much stuff because people tend to loot the area clean.

2. Depends what kind of weapons you are looking for. Military bases are good place to find various weapons but you can also check some residential buildings for pistols / rifles / shotguns. Police stations usually have pistols / shotguns (rarely MP5)

3. Best way to find military clothing is to go to a military base / area where you would expect to find that kind of stuff (for example, NWAF or Kamenka Military base)

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Guest magw33d

The short version:

1. Yes

2. Weapons spawn anywhere.

3. Military buildings.

Get out and explore.

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1) Loot spawns where you would expect it, I.e fire axes can spawn in industrial areas, loot also does spawn when items are picked up .

2) There is no real weapon hotspots, guns do spawn almost everywhere, NWAF is a high activity looting zone, so I recommend checking the bases that aren't to well known or are in a much less active area, I.e. Myshkino military base or Dichina military base, but look out for bandits in these areas.

3) Any military bases can spawn military clothing.

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Thank you all for your help.

Are doors persistent too ? i.e. 90% of the doors i find are open.

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Locking doors is persistent

Open/close are random each restart

*Words from the Tamaster*

/solving, feel free to ask more if you want :)

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