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Leaving a lighted path behind you

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I have been playing on the US RP server now for about a week and i absolutly love it so far. RP adds so much to the game and now I can play this game how I feel it was meant to be played.


The night servers add even more to the game. And, One thing i have been doing to try to increase player interaction is always leaving a glowstick or flare on the road or path behind me as i travel. This way people can simply follow them to find me. Does anyone else do this? I havnt seen it yet in my short time here.

I look forward to many more adventures in the dark.

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  • Emerald

Iv'e noticed towns that are occupied are usually well lit at night. Haven't followed or left any trails to follow though.

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  • Legend

I've been known to drop flares and chemlights, but more often for the purpose of misdirection. Either to lead people away from my true path or to draw them out to where I can observe them and make up my own mind whether to meet them or not.

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  • Emerald

This would be a perfect way to get robbed.

I know I wouldn't approach you, but I would follow you around a while.

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  • Sapphire

seems like a great way to interact with other people

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