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I couldnt find the "KOS" thread (Please move this post if it belongs there).

I'm in CET+1, its december 1st and i just got shot in the back by a pesky KOS'er that ran from a zombie and asked me for help. I was at grid 058 105 in the middle of the street in Nadezhdino. It all happened too fast to get his pulse/name or even get a good description.

Happened at exactly 20:40.

Survivors beware of any british male asking you for help...

He will likely be carrying my black SKS, british assault vest and Tort backpack, if not also my tan tac.shirt and cargo pants.

This is what happens when weak pvp'ers exploit the chance to join a place where people play for other things than pvp. Its the only way they can excel.

With that, i rest my case.

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Guest Tompmal

Cant stand people like this, ruins the game completly

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There is no kos thread. You need to make a report in the report discussions thread and use the format located in the stickies post at the top above the normal posts. I'd link it but can't while using my phone.

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Survivors beware of any british male.

Fixed it for you.

Sorry couldn't resist that.

In truth it's good for you to let people know. Thank you.

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Thanks for the replies, and the link.

Let's all feel good about how they have to exploit dedicated rp'ers to be able to kill another player all in all, until SA gets proper admin logs. Then they're out. :D

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