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My first impression of DayZRP

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After months of refusing to play DayZ for it's repetitive shoot on sight player base, I found DayzRP. After reading what this is all about, I came to the conclusion that I just had to try it out. I quickly signed up and thoroughly read through the rules and applied my application, my application was approved pretty quickly and I was soon to set foot in the infected country of Chernarus.

I joined the server and scavenged alone for about an hour and a half, almost dying to a zombie due to being armed only with a baseball bat. About 2 minutes after the glorious battle with the zombie, I realize that I am bleeding and that I had swapped out my shirt for a different top. Having no way to stop bleeding I frantically searched every building I could in hope to find a shirt to use as a makeshift bandage, Almost at the point of passing out I managed to find a shirt and tear it into rags and stop the bleeding just in time. A feeling of happiness filled me, knowing I was yet to live another day.

Though quickly that happiness turned into fear, as I had no drink left and quickly I became very dehydrated.

Running through building to building just hoping for at least a drop of water to keep me going, to no avail. I could feel my energy draining, my life leaving me as my body became more and more dehydrated. Until I found him, out of no where this man came, I cut to the chase and desperately pleaded for a drink, luckily he found it in his heart to help me out and gave me a can of Pipsi, this was a relief but I knew it would not last long. He told me he would take me to his settlement and bring me to a healthy condition. Moments after arriving I suddenly passed out, it came as a surprise to him but he quickly acted upon it and fed me and gave me water. But I would not wake. Hours went past and I was still out cold but he was by my side hoping for me to open my eyes again. He began searching for a way to wake me. He found it, the defibrillator...

However he could not find batteries and I unfortunately died 5 minutes later.

Despite not being able to do much in this situation, I enjoyed the fact that I wasn't just killed and looted, someone actually went out of their way to try and save me. As a first impression I am very impressed. I look forward to more interesting events in the future! Thank you for reading. :D

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