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Patient Bear

Patient Bear - Permaban - Hiding the circumvention of a permanent ban

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

The verdict was undoubtedly fair. I am arguing on the grounds of partial forgiveness rather than innocence.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

A year has passed since the grave mistake was made in not only allowing the participation of Winslow in the clan but the actual presence of SKA itself. As the original creator of SKA I had bright hopes for the future and SKA's role as a top class role play provider. I'd hope this could be seen in the large amounts of planning that went in to the creation of the clan and also my previous efforts as a role player in this community.

However, my bright hopes were soon shattered. I was disappointed with the quality of role play provided by SKA and because of this grew disconnected to the clan. I stepped down from leader and lost interest in a whole in dayzrp. While I was not active for the vast majority of SKA's presence, Winslow did however ask me for permission before joining the clan. At the time I had little interest in dayzrp and made the foolish decision to allow him to join the clan. This was a grave mistake in which I have learnt from and bettered myself.

My actions were highly irresponsible. In allowing Winslow to join the clan not only did I jeopardize my position in the community that I had grown so fond of for so long but I had jeopardized the integrity of the dayzrp community itself. And for that I am deeply sorry.

Since the disbanding of SKA I no longer actively communicate with it's former members so you need not worry that I will be influenced in any way if you do allow me to re-enter the community.

In summary; I am deeply apologetic for my actions of which overtime I have learnt of their severity. Prior to the incident leading to my punishment I believe I upheld a high caliber of positive role play and also OOC interaction with the community. Throughout the year (post ban) I have participated in various other role play communities and further enhanced my role play skills. I can assure you I have learnt my lesson and would like to think I still have a lot to contribute to your community.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

Amnesty. I would be happy to accept permanent warning points as a reminder of my actions.

What could you have done better?:

Should never have allowed the Winslow to rejoin the community in the first place. We had a group discussion and everyone was happy to allow him to join the clan. I should have taken responsibility, reminding everyone of the severity of such an action, and the consequences involved.

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I'd like to add to this further. Initially I did express my concern in Winslow rejoining game however I was not strong enough in doing this. The mistake was definitely made however, in not reporting Winslow to server staff when he did proceed to rejoin the community under a false identity. I absolutely accept that I was at fault in failing to report Winslow, despite my initial discouragement towards the incident.

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Appeal Granted


Due to new evidence being presented after the previous verdict had been made, we know feel that the previous decision was wrong. With this in mind we would like to offer you the same conditions as have been offered to others that were in this situation.

20 Permanent points that will be removed over time with good conduct


Ban lifted


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