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Greetings, If I get Whitelisted my RP Name will be Matt Rodgers. I Look forward to interacting with you all. I have played Mod and SA since SA came out, but I have never played on an RP server. This is going to be a new and hopefully interesting journey in my DayZ DayS.

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Guest Vittoria

Hello and welcome to the community!

Enjoy your time here!

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Welcome to the community!

Let us know if you need any help with anything or if you want to talk.

Role playing might be a bit hard to grasp for someone who hasn't done it before but you will be amazed by how many people i've met who learned and enjoyed it quick.

Just remember that you need to post at least once every month so your account doesn't get deleted.

Posting in this or the off-topic section doesn't count, just letting you know :)

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It all depends on the acceptance rate and your personal queue.

You'll get looked at. Admins are just a little bit busy due to the large amount of whitelisting applications coming through.

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