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Joshua Prescott's Background (Suggestions/Innacuracies?)

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"Joshua Prescott was a freelance Journalist that saw opportunity in the growing panic localized in Chernarus. With much of the situation unknown Joshua hoped to gain wealth and fame by breaking the story to the free world. Getting into the country would be a problem though; many of his connections in eastern Europe started circulating rumors of journalists being arrested and the truth being suppressed by CDF soldiers. This, however, did more to enrage Joshua than discourage him; with a small team consisting of his cameraman and best friend, Kyle Rodriguez, and his producer Dayna Christensen, Joshua set off to find a way into Chernarus.

By October 18th, Joshua had arranged transport though Russian quarantine lines with the help of an old friend who owed him a favour, Igor Morozov; "This is it," he conceded after much pleading, "I owe you nothing now."

On October 23rd, Joshua, Kyle, and Dayna landed on the outskirts of Elektrozavodsk, ready to stream the inside view of what was happening in South Zagoria; though whether by accident or deliberate tampering, they were unable to get a signal out of the region. They were, essentially, stuck there with everyone else.

Since their evac date was set at October 28th, the team made a decision to stay put and film all that they saw using the supplies of batteries and tapes they brought with them. Kyle filmed the burning of Chernogorsk the very night they arrived, though after that there was very little footage to be captured.

Troops evacuated and hordes of 'things' followed close behind them. The small team managed to hide in a cabin on Krutoy Cap, in a hope that they could signal their boat when it arrived.

October 28th came and went. By the 30th the small amount of supplies they had brought with them were running low and tensions were rising. Kyle had a rough knowledge of edible wild plants due to his time hiking and backpacking through the Americas and Europe, so their hunger was sated for the time being.

The next few weeks felt like years for Joshua.

After six days of living off mushrooms and leaves the team decided to go north and hope to scavenge or barter for some food, water, and hopefully some shelter; though they were in for a rough surprise.

This memory is the most painful for Joshua, by his directions they decided to delve deeper into a city they found, in a vague hope of getting water and other supplies; though it was here that the team was confronted by a small group of bandits. Due to the language barrier and overall confusion and anxiety, Kyle was shot and is presumed dead, and Dayna was kidnapped by the group, who left Joshua bound in the street as a distraction to an approaching horde.

Joshua managed to get out of his restraints, barely in time to escape from the first stumbling members of what seemed like an endless horde, attracted by the gunshots it seemed. Joshua spent several days trying to track down these bandits and Dayna; though he now believes them to be dead.

Since then he has been wandering Chernaurus, trying to contact Igor, track down Dayna, and stay alive."

If anyone has any suggestions or can point out inaccuracies based on the Standalone lore it would be much appreciated!

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