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Questions about a robbery

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So yesterday I was robbed by a 17 year old, nasally sounding chap (this isn't a report just an afterthought). After a series of disconnects to the server, I was able to get back in and he was chasing a duped body of mine. After it died and slid across the ground (unfortunately towards me), he raised his gun at me and told me to drop everything I own.

Nothing much happened from there, I dropped everything and ran after he told me to do so, later coming back and grabbing what he left behind.

It just occurred to me, he did not initiate an RP with me before RP'ing, it was straight up as follows: He looks at me as I'm settling in from a server restarts, and starts initiating hostilities. He initiated hostilities before I even acknowledged him.

I had joined an irish group to help hunt him down, and the way they initiated hostilities was after 5-10 minutes of idle chatting and establishing RP before they initiated hostilities.

Just looking for rule clarification, was this bad RP? RDM? Borderline KOS? I'm new here, and this was the first time I was robbed, and it left a bad taste in my mouth. What should I do next time this happens aside from gather a report? Talk to him OOC in text telling him he's breaking rules?

Advise would be appreciated :)

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So, let me get this straight, Restart happened and you were logging in. After you had logged in, this person approached you and didn't say anything apart from "Drop your weapons and gear or I will shoot you", correct?

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Unless the RP was amazing after the initiation (which it doesn't sound like it was), contact should always be made before you initiate on somebody. There should be more RP after you've been initiated on then just "drop your stuff and run" as well.

It's not RDM or KOS, as he initiated properly and such, however it does sound like bad RP to me. When something like this happens, it's always good to try to talk to them in TS and tell them your opinion of the situation. You can also put up a report discussion to gather community opinions as well. Never go OOC in game about things like this. Always wait until after to address the situation.

I'll mark this as solved, however feel free to continue discussing.

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